Case Keenum, Vikings get the magic moment they've waited for

MINNEAPOLIS -- Case Keenum locked eyes with his wife, Kimberly -- his high school sweetheart from Abilene, Texas -- in the crowd, and neither could process what had just happened. Nobody could process what had just happened. Keenum waved at Kimberly with both arms, and she waved back, and then the quarterback who had just made one of the more stunning plays in NFL history lost himself again in the madness unfolding around him.

Keenum had grabbed his helmet with both hands and mouthed the words, "Oh my god." He had flipped off his helmet while doing a jig, scrambled like Jimmy Valvano for someone to hug and then searched the U.S. Bank Stadium stands for his wife. He wanted to share a fleeting moment with the one person who had lived every step of this near-impossible journey with him. Laurie Boschman Youth jersey After Keenum completed a 61-yard touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs on the final play of the Minnesota Vikings' epic 29-24 victory over the New Orleans Saints, Kimberly's two brothers and a friend, who were sitting with her, turned to her with looks on their faces she'd never before seen. "Their jaws were on the floor," she said outside the Vikings' locker room as she waited to see her husband.

America's jaw was on the floor. You can follow football and talk about it and write about it for a long, long time before you'll see another ending quite like the one in Minneapolis. An undrafted quarterback took the snap with 10 seconds left and heaved the ball to a fifth-round receiver who managed to Erik Haula Authentic Jersey catch it near the sideline with five seconds left. Diggs avoided contact, pressed his left hand to the turf to stay upright, and ran untouched into the end zone for a franchise defined by its long-standing inability to win the big one. "Vikings fans always said their hearts were broken," Kimberly Matt Jones Youth jersey said, "and I'm just so thankful that tonight they weren't."
Her husband, lucky No. 7, made the state of Minnesota whole on this night, her husband and Stefon Diggs. Kimberly thought the Vikings might've had an outside shot at attempting a long-distance field goal with one more completion, but she knew the deal. Things looked grim. The Vikings held a 17-0 lead Womens Chuck Foreman Jersey deep into the third quarter, and sure enough, they were going to blow another season. With Keenum scheduled to become a free agent, this shotgun snap from his own 39-yard line could have signaled the end of his charmed one-year run.
Kimberly was thinking some dark football thoughts before she caught herself in the seconds before that final play. "I believe in Case, always," she said. "And I actually did think that. I stopped and said, 'If the ball is in his hands, I know he can do something great with it.'" Keenum did something with the ball they'll remember forever in these parts, whether he's the Vikings' quarterback next fall or not. In the huddle, he called the play known as "Seven Heaven," and then he told his receivers: "I'm going to give somebody a chance."
It's all Keenum ever wanted as a Texas high school star with just one Division I scholarship offer, from the University of Houston. It's all he ever wanted as major college football's most prolific all-time passer, and as an undrafted signee of the Houston Texans. It's all he ever wanted when he bounced between the Texans and the Rams before landing in Minnesota on a one-year deal for $2 million plus incentives. Someone to give him a chance.
Keenum had thrown a brutal interception late in the third quarter to put the Saints right back in the ballgame, and he immediately answered it with a beautiful, statement-making pass to Jarius Wright for 27 yards on a drive that ended with a field goal. Drew Brees then seized an opportunity after a blocked Minnesota punt to throw his third touchdown pass, leaving the Vikings trailing by a point with just over three minutes to play.
"Well, Case Keenum," three-time Super Bowl champ Troy Aikman said on the Fox broadcast, "this is what you've been living for." Keenum drove his team down the field for the go-ahead field goal, then was right back in the same situation after Brees did the same. The Vikings had 25 seconds and one timeout to play with from their own 25, and Keenum followed up a false-start penalty with a 19-yard pass that at least gave Minnesota a shot at a miracle.
The rest was pure lunacy. Diggs had to rise high to make the catch, and the Saints' rookie safety Marcus Williams had to lower his head and make a rookie mistake. A season-killing mistake. Williams needed to allow Diggs to gather the ball, then wrap him up, keep him in bounds and let the clock expire before Minnesota could attempt a field goal. But these things are always easier explained from a living room couch, while eating chips and dip, than they are executed in real time in an NFL game moving at warp speed. The poor kid will have to live with his whiff on the tackle just like Bill Buckner has had to live with his whiff on Mookie Wilson's grounder in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series that set up the New York Mets' eventual championship win.
The scene afterward was worthy of the indelible play. Diggs fired his helmet into the air and ended up under a pile of extra-large bodies that crushed him and nearly left him passed out. Keenum hopped around like he'd lost his mind because, you know, he surely had. "I couldn't believe what was happening," he said. "I really couldn't."In the locker room, 75-year-old Hall of Famer Carl Eller made his way from locker to locker, congratulating players and all but shouting with glee. Eller was wearing what looked like a varsity jacket graced by the words "Purple People Eaters" -- the name of the famed defensive front that helped carry the Vikings to four Super Bowls. Four Super Bowls they would lose.

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If you are looking for a more upbeat history of modern tailgating, then another event that comes to mind is the football game between Rutgers and Princeton that took place in 1869. Here was tailgating at its finest ? lots of people, food, fun, and friendly rivalry all based out of vehicles of the time, which is how tailgating (wagon tailgate) most likely got its name.

Returning to the present time, tailgating has exploded in growth and has become an integral part of Saturday afternoon and evening college football games. Fans begin to gather in the early morning hours for games that are not set for kickoff until later in the evening. College football game days are an all day event for avid tailgaters. At some schools, tailgating is in a league of its own with many hosting themed tailgating events.

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properly perform the actions essential.

that individuals are ready to wait around about for a lot of several years for possessing Hermes Handbags that undoubtedly defines the personal elitism and interpersonal standing. making use of the preceding a person seventy years Dani Alves Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , Hermes is turning out to be keeping an borders considerably additional than its vital rivals. these moments Hermes is becoming globally renowned for its exceptional leather-dependent merchandise which consist of footwear and Handbags with 1 an additional with perfumes. businesses holding the brand brand name name of Hermes quite uncomplicated talk of its kind and high quality.Hermes Handbags are recognised for style and exceptional and for that reason are made from unique leather-based mostly exceptional that could make them of greatest top quality. The exceptional from the bags are maintained from the rigid outstanding parameters by strategy of which each and each bags call up for receiving successfully pass before to reaching out towards marketplace. The fantastic parameters for these Handbags are so rigid that from quantities of bags manufactured, only numerous bags pass the extraordinary evaluate obtaining marketed inside your industry. this could make these Purses so unique and unusual brand name brand name of bags in your marketplace that buyers await for these bags with abated breath. not simply the typical dude but at the very same time the celebs are close to to the waiting checklist for acquiring Hermes bags. With so an remarkable provide craze and craving for this bag a single can absolutely grasp the worth and price of Handbags.The expensive value tag at the identical time to the need to have between Hollywood’s icons have created this bag a pride possession of wealthy and elite course. a number of variant of Hermes bags skilled been named swiftly right after the effectively-identified character of Hollywood’s like Kelly, and Birkin. The Kelly and Berkin variant of bags has retain its fantastic and stature even rapidly after so various a long time. These bags are handcrafted by one particular of the most facts craftsman who developed these bags with intricate specifics. The purpose at the rear of the status of Hermes Handbags lies inside of your fact that they are designed from greatest extraordinary exotic leather-centered and therefore are lined with really gentle and supple goat pores and skin, which suits making use of the exterior leather-based mostly coloration. at the identical time these bags are plated with gold or palladium to assure which they do not tarnish like silver content. before to acquiring these Purses a person need to confirm making use of the extraordinary and brand name brand name to ensure which they do not locate yourself buying a faux Hermes Bag.Just about every style enthusiast cannot fulfill her need to have of possessing an reputable Hermes bags. For this reason Christopher Nkunku Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , to fulfill their need to have to actually an extent, replica Hermes bags are supplied. Replica Hermes bags are obtainable in all most recent styles that could be swiftly obtained absent from your current market. These replica bags are specific clones from the reputable one particular since the solution employed to create these Handbags are closed towards solution employed within just your reputable types. thus replica Hermes bags is really identical employing the reputable one particular. no matter

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able to find quite a bit of helpful ideas.

quality during the coitus. It creates displeasure for both the partners. Some men even find it difficult to gain harder erection. It is quite embarrassing. How to correct this situation and boost your self confidence to last longer in bed maintaining erection quality is through intake of herbal remedies like 4T Plus capsules. It has powerful herbs in right combination and offers one of the best natural ways to cure male impotence.

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tish cruiserweight Anthony Yarde (8-0, 7 KOs), 25, made his United States debut by knocking out Rayfor

left hand that sent an off-balance Del Valle reeling backward before unleashing a flurry.We knew this fight was going to be difficult. We knew we were going up against an opponent who had a flood of experience, De La Hoya said. There were moments where the fight was complicated, but I was able to hurt him consistently with shots to the head. My most effective shot was the uppercut, and once I found that out, I consistently used it. Im glad for the victory. To bring this fight for all the Mexican fans tonight in front of such a venue has been a dream come true for me.Del Valle, 29, of Puerto Rico, landed his share of hard shots, including some solid right hands, but De La Hoya did not seem too bothered by any of them. By the end of the fight, the right side of Del Valles face was swollen as his four-fight winning streak ended.I know how I performed in the ring. I trained hard, brought my skills to the ring and left it all there, Del Valle said. He was the better fighter, and thats that. There are no excuses on my part. I wish Diego the best.Welterweight contender Sadam Ali (23-1, 13 KOs), 27, of Brooklyn, New York, rolled to a near-shutout decision against Saul Corral (22-8, 13 KOs), 29, of Mexico, in his first fight since suffering his first loss. Ali won 99-90, 99-90 and 99-91 as he rebounded from a ninth-round knockout to Jessie Vargas in a fight for a vacant welterweight world title on March 5.The plan was to get the knockout, but that didnt happen with this victory, Ali said. My opponent definitely had a Mexican style to him, and I was not expecting the reach he had with his arms. I knew I hurt him in the exchange of blows in the fourth round and other times throughout the fight. This is still the win I needed and worked hard for, and I know the next fight I am in will demonstrate my will power.Ali, a 2008 U.S. Olympian, dominated from the opening bell. But he had his biggest moments in the fourth round when he rocked Corral with a left hand about a minute into the round and continued to land clean punches before finally knocking him down with a right hand on the chin. Corral beat the count but took a beating for the rest of the round.Corral came into the fight riding a three-fight winning streak since suffering a third-round knockout loss to former junior welterweight titleholder Mike Alvarado on March 19.Junior welterweight Vergil Ortiz Jr. (2-0, 2 KOs), an 18-year-old prospect from Dallas, scored a devastating first-round knockout of Ernesto Hernandez (1-4, 1 KO), 28, of El Paso, Texas. Ortiz knocked him out cold with a single right hand to the chin 40 seconds into the fight.Lightweight prospect Hector Tanajara Jr. (6-0, 4 KOs), a 19-year-old from San Antonio, dominated Roy Garcia (3-20-1, 2 KOs), 31, of Alice, Texas, in a shutout decision. Tanajara won 40-36 on all three scorecards and picked apart the game Garcia. He showed patience, a strong jab and an assortment of punches.Bantamweight prospect Joshua Franco (7-0, 4 KOs), 20, of San Antonio, scored all three of his knockdowns against Mexicos Brian Bazan (9-3, 6 KOs) on left uppercuts in an explosive fourth-round knockout victory. Franco connected with two clean uppercuts on Bazans chin to drop him twice in the third round. He barely made it out of the round, but 19 seconds into the fourth round Franco landed another one and knocked him flat on his back.I feel amazing getting the knockout in front of all my fans, Franco said. This was only a taste of the things to come. I think my performance showed that I can take on any opponent. I knew the first time he fell that it would only take a couple of shots until I could get the knockout.Brooklyn, New York, junior welterweight prospect Zachary Ochoa (16-0, 7 KOs) cruised to a decision win against Mexicos Daniel Montoya (11-5, 8 KOs). Ochoa, 23, won 80-72 on one card and 79-73 on the other two. He easily outboxed Montoya, 26, and kept a stiff jab in his face throughout the bout.I knew I could stop him, but I hurt my knuckle in the second round blocking his right-hand hook and counter punching him with my left hook, Ochoa said. He was a tough guy, resilient, but I was in control the whole time. I knew my body shots were hurting him, and I continued doing that to break him down. I knew going in it was going to be a tough fight, but we trained exactly for this, and we are ready to take on the next talented fighter.Junior middleweight Alexis Salazar (13-3, 6 KOs), who is part of Alvarezs camp, won a six-round decision against Larry Smith (10-29-1, 6 KOs), of Dallas. Salazar, 21, of Mexico, won 60-54 on two scorecards and 58-56 on the third.British cruiserweight Anthony Yarde (8-0, 7 KOs), 25, made his United States debut by knocking out Rayford Johnson (11-22, 5 KOs), of Longview, Texas, at 2 minutes, 10 seconds of the first round in their scheduled six-round fight. Yarde caught him with a left hook along the ropes, and he was out on his feet.Obviously, Im happy to get the win, but I was trying to carry him a bit, Yarde said. I wanted more time in the ring. I wanted to get some rounds in and take in more of this experience in AT&T Stadium. Thats why I didnt follow up after I hit him with my left hook. But overall I got the win, so Im content with that. Air Max Thea All White .05 million next season unless Graham and the Saints subsequently agree on a long-term deal. The designation was released Monday after the deadline passed for NFL teams to use franchise or transition tags on players becoming free agents. Wholesale Air Max Thea . Thousands of Southern California fans enveloped the Trojans to celebrate an improbable win secured by an interim coach, an inconsistent kicker and a thin defence that wouldnt break. . Miller reached right to deflect Mikhail Grabovskis attempt with just over 2 minutes remaining in regulation, and then made two more saves in the shootout Sunday to give the Sabres a 2-1 win over the Washington Capitals. SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- Three Ohio high school football players have pleaded not guilty to felony robbery charges in connection with an attack that was caught on camera.The Springfield High School students were arrested this week after cellphone video of the robbery surfaced.The Springfield News-Sun reports ( ) the video allegedly shows the boys knocking down an unsuspecting man from behind and demanding money.School officials haave confirmed the suspects are students and that they were involved in football tryouts and training. White Air Max Thea. he school district says it will be begin its own investigation to determine whether academic and athletic penalties will be imposed.---Information from: Springfield News-Sun, Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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nt played since Nov. 11 due to a concussion. Hopefully he has another good day tomorrow and well se

CHICAGO -- Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers learned from last months blowout loss to Chicago. Elite Titans Jerseys .They turned that knowledge into their own road win Monday night.Lillard had 30 points and seven assists, CJ McCollum scored 24 and the Trail Blazers beat the Bulls 112-110 for their third consecutive victory.Portland had won five of six before Chicago visited the Moda Center on Nov. 15 and rolled to a 113-88 win. That loss started the Blazers on a bit of a slide, but they are rounding into form again.I think the game in Portland helped us prepare for what kind of game it was going to be, Lillard said. We saw how physical they were. They compete on both ends of the floor. ... We just came in with the right mindset, knowing what to expect.Allen Crabbe added 17 points for Portland, which opened a five-game trip with its fourth win in five games. Maurice Harkless had 11 and Evan Turner finished with 10, providing a nice boost in the fourth quarter.Im really pleased the way we responded after the way they beat us the first time, Trail Blazers coach Terry Stotts said.Dwyane Wade scored 34 points for the Bulls, and Jimmy Butler finished with 26 points, seven rebounds and five assists. Robin Lopez had seven points and a season-high 14 rebounds.Chicago played without point guard Rajon Rondo, suspended one game for conduct detrimental to the team. There was no public indication from the Bulls on what triggered Rondos suspension. He is expected to return Tuesday night in Detroit.Hes obviously very important with what we do in this building, coach Fred Hoiberg said. Hes a guy that really gets us out and establishes the tempo for our team, especially in the fourth quarter. Hes important for what we do, but thats not the reason we lost the game.Portland trailed 93-92 before Ed Davis converted a driving layup with 8:19 left, sparking an 11-0 run for the Trail Blazers. Turner made three straight jumpers and Lillard connected from long range to make it 103-93 with 5:55 left.Chicago closed to 108-105 on Nikola Mirotics two foul shots with 1:56 remaining, but Lillard made four free throws in the final seconds to help Portland hold on.We used a lot of energy coming back in the third quarter and then from there we didnt make enough shots, Wade said.Mirotic finished with 18 points and seven rebounds for the Bulls, who have dropped three of four. Isaiah Canaan had 10 points.Lillard scored 17 to help Portland to a 65-57 halftime lead. The Trail Blazers shot 55 percent in the first half, but the Bulls turned it up on defense to get back in the game in the third quarter.Mirotic capped an 18-4 run with two foul shots, giving Chicago a 75-70 lead with 5:44 left. The Bulls had an 87-83 advantage before McCollum made a 3-pointer in the final second of the period, trimming the lead to one heading into the final quarter.AMINUS RETURNPortland forward Al-Farouq Aminu had three points in 17 minutes in his return to the lineup after being sidelined by a left calf injury. Aminu started the first eight games of the season before he got hurt Nov. 8 against Phoenix.You could tell he had a little rust, but it was good to see him back on the court, Stotts said.TIP-INSTrail Blazers: C Mason Plumlee had 10 points, five rebounds, two steals and two blocked shots. ... Portland went 13 for 18 from the free throw line, compared to 33 of 38 for Chicago.Bulls: Wade got his fourth assist in the fourth quarter to reach 5,000 for his career. ... F Doug McDermott practiced with the Windy City Bulls after he was assigned to the D-League for conditioning. McDermott hasnt played since Nov. 11 due to a concussion. Hopefully he has another good day tomorrow and well see what happens with Thursday, Hoiberg said. ... G Michael Carter-Williams, sidelined since Oct. 31 with left wrist and left knee injuries, also could head to the D-League soon. Hoiberg said he thinks Carter-Williams is going to be re-evaluated Tuesday.UP NEXTTrail Blazers: Visit the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night. Portland is 1-4 in Milwaukee over the past five seasons.Bulls: Visit Detroit on Tuesday night for their first game of the season against the Pistons. Chicago dropped three of four to Detroit last season.---Jay Cohen can be reached at Throwback Titans Jerseys .ca. Kerry, Just watched the shootout in the Coyotes/Leafs game and I have to ask, why was the James van Riemsdyk goal allowed to count? All of the video replays we were shown on TV were inconclusive about whether the puck had entirely crossed the line or not. Pink Titans Jerseys . According to a report from the Vancouver Province, the Lions are expected to replace former DC Rich Stubler with defensive backs coach Mark Washington. .com) - The game was all punts and field goals before Kodi Whitfields catch. The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations called conclusions from this weekends Olympic doping summit not sufficient to protect clean athletes.The 59-member agency released a statement Sunday underlining weaknesses from the International Olympic Committees anti-doping summit held the day before in Lausanne, Switzerland.Key downsides, according to iNADO: the IOCs refusal to explicitly mention state-sponsored doping in Russia, despite two investigations that found it existed; and the IOCs framing of conclusioons from one of those investigations as mere allegations and not demonstrable facts. Youth Titans Jerseys. At the IOC summit , sports leaders backed the World Anti-Doping Agency and said it must be bolstered, both financially and through beefed-up authority.INADO CEO Joseph de Pencier applauded that but said the IOC only comes part way to restoring its credibility for the clean athletes of the world. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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with a 4-under 67 for a two-stroke victory over Ben Martin.The 33-year-old Moore finished at 22-under 2

CLEMSON, S. Air Max 90 Essential Midnight Navy .C. -- The Deshaun Watson watch is on at No. 3 Clemson.The Tigers Heisman Trophy contender fell hard on his right, throwing shoulder Saturday just before halftime in a 54-0 win over Syracuse and did not return. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney and Watson both said he couldve returned, but with the Tigers (9-0, 6-0 Atlantic Coast Conference) already up by four touchdowns at the break, it was not necessary.Watson appeared with an ice pack on his shoulder in postgame interviews. He was not available for his regular Monday media session because he was taking treatment on the sore shoulder. A Clemson spokesman said he might be available on Tuesday.Clemson co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott was confident Watson would be behind center when the Tigers try and wrap up the ACC Atlantic Division against Pitt (5-4, 2-3) on Saturday.Watsons roommate, receiver Artavis Scott, was also confident hed catch passes from his longtime teammate.Its football, Scott said Monday. Everybodys banged up. Hell be fine.Watson, the 6-foot-3, 215-pound junior, has been extremely durable the past two seasons in leading Clemson to a 23-1 record -- the lone loss coming to Alabama 45-40 in last Januarys national championship game.Watson has been the main cog of a fast-paced offense where hes expected to move the chains with his legs along with his accurate arm. He became the first player in the Football Bowl Subdivision to throw for more than 4,000 yards and run for more than 1,000 last year.Watson finished 2015 with 491 passes and 207 carries, without suffering any major injuries. Thats why most orange-clad fans in Death Valley held their breath when Watson jogged to the sidelines with Clemson in the midst of a TD drive right before the half.He came down hard on the shoulder after a tackle by Syracuse defenders Davion Ellison and Rodney Williams. Watson threw incomplete on the next play before leaving the game for good.Swinney said Watson looked good on Sunday, would receive treatment Monday and that he would get him back in practice the early part of the week.Elliott said he and co-coordinator Jeff Scott will game play as they have the past two seasons -- with Watson as their starting quarterback.Clemsons offense showed it could operate with Watson on the sidelines as fifth-year senior Nick Schuessler threw for two touchdowns and 177 yards -- more than Watson -- in relief.Schuessler, a one-time Mississippi State signee, has stood on the sidelines the past few years, backing up starter Tajh Boyd in 2013, Cole Stoudt and Watson in 2014, and Watson these final two seasons. Schuessler has no illusions hell see much more playing time down the stretch if Watsons close to 100 percent.I just want to do well whenever Im called on, Schuessler said.It wasnt long ago some worried that Watson might be injury plagued .Watson cracked a collarbone during his first spring practice in 2014, then injured a finger in a start against Louisville that same season. Watson returned four games later at Georgia Tech, but left that game early with a knee bruise.Watson missed the next game before playing with a braced-up, torn ACL -- Swinney said he tore it in practice that week and not against Georgia Tech -- as the Tigers ended a humiliating, unprecedented five-game losing streak to rival South Carolina.A short time later, Watson underwent knee surgery and was out for Clemsons bowl game to close the season. He has not missed a start since.In Elliotts mind, that streak wont end this week.Hes got a bruised shoulder, but was able to come out and throw the football in second-half warmups, he said. So no doubt about Watson starting.---More AP College Football: Air Max Lunar 90 Jacquard .R. Smith realized how easily basketball can be taken from him, and he wasnt going to take his place in the NBA for granted anymore. Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping . "I dont know that were close," said general manager Alex Anthopoulos. "I just think, right now, the acquisition cost just doesnt work for us right now. I dont know if I can quantify how far off or things like that that they might be but I would say we continue to have dialogue. ., for the next three years with the signings on Monday of Daryl Townsend and Michael Carter. SILVIS, Ill. -- Ryan Moore won the John Deere Classic on Sunday for his fifth PGA Tour title, closing with a 4-under 67 for a two-stroke victory over Ben Martin.The 33-year-old Moore finished at 22-under 262 at TPC Deere Run, playing the final 46 holes without a bogey and making only one in 72 holes. He won for the first time since successfully defending his CIMB Classic title in Malaysia in 2014.Martin had three straight back-nine birdies in a 68.South Koreas Whee Kim shot 67 to tie for third with Morgan Hoffmann (71) at 17 under.Moore birdied Nos. 2, 4, 9 and 10 and closed with eight pars. He had a five-stroke lead when Hoffmann bogeyed the 12th hole. Martin, playing with Moore in the final twosome, birdied Nos. 12-14, but couldnt get closer than two strokes. Martin parred his last four holes, and Hoffmann his final six.Moore hit 13 of 14 fairways in the final round and 14 of 18 greens in regulation, including the 18th, which he two-putted from 47 feet for the victory. He opened with three straight 65s in the event thrown off sschedule by rain Thursday and Friday. Nike Air Max Nz Cheap. Jordan Spieth chose not to defend his title because he didnt think it would be appropriate in light of his decision to skip the Rio Olympics.Wesley Bryan, the leader Friday when play was suspended, tied for eighth at 14 under after his second straight 70. He earned a PGA Tour card last week with his third Tour victory of the year.NCAA champion Aaron Wise followed his third-round 63 with a 70 to tie for 16th at 12 under in his PGA Tour debut as a pro. The former Oregon player won a PGA Tour Canada event two weeks ago in Edmonton, Alberta.Zach Johnson, the 2012 winner and member of the tournaments board, shot a 69 to tie for 34th at 9-under 275. Hes from nearby Cedar Rapids, Iowa.Steve Stricker had a 72 to tie for 52nd at 6 under. The 49-year-old Stricker, a former University of Illinois player from Wisconsin, won the event in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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