Concrete mixer machine spare parts

Concrete mixer machine spare parts are normally composed of mixing drum, wheel, mixing system, charging system, discharge system and pumping system.

Concrete mixer machine spare parts detail
◆ Mixing system can adopt twin-shaft or single-shaft system, called vertical-shaft concrete mixer and horizontal concrete mixer system
◆ concrete drum adopt the stainless or lightweight plastic material
◆ wheel adopt popular brand in the world
◆ Discharging system connecting hose and pump
◆ concrete pump adopts hydraulic system to reduce the costs

Concrete mixer machine spare parts function
◆ Mixing system can mix concrete material
◆ Mixing drum can store and sometimes used as mixing systems
◆ concrete pump is to transport concrete mixer
◆ Concrete hose connecting discharging system and pumping system

There are many small Concrete mixer machine spare parts, such as nuts, bolts, iron accessories and so on, used to connect the parts.

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