Asphalt penetrating pavement

Is a kind of asphalt pavement. Pour the asphalt on the paved main layer aggregate, and then layering the capped stone chips and pouring asphalt, stratified compaction, forming a more dense asphalt structure layer. The advantages of pouring construction is simple equipment, easy to transport materials; the shortcomings of the construction by the impact of climate greater, and the final molding takes some time, after forming the road as plant mixRoad Repair Machines

Asphalt mixture pavement smooth and beautiful, forming more floating gray sand, and may pan oil. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the last layer of asphalt and spatters can be diverted to paving the pre-mixed fines asphalt mix to accelerate the molding and reduce the floating dust, and conducive to surface drainage. The thermal stability of the penetrating pavement mainly depends on the locking force between the coarse aggregates, so it is as sensitive as the asphalt concrete pavement to the asphalt dosage and the asphalt consistency. The road properties and the applicable horizon are close to the asphalt pavement. Asphalt through the road can be hot method of construction, but also cold construction. Hot method construction with heated viscous asphalt poured in the cold aggregate, the road forming faster, suitable for urban roads and busy roads; cold construction with emulsified asphalt cold pouring, but need to be emulsified asphalt oil and water split , Water evaporation before the initial shape, suitable for maintenance of small repair and set the heating equipment difficult long distance road. The aggregated aggregate particles should be close to the same size aggregate so that the asphalt can penetrate into the main layer and make the thickness of the caulking layer uniform. The maximum particle size of the main layer aggregate should be close to the surface layer thickness or the surface layer Thickness of 0.7 to 0.8 times; aggregate should be clean and gray, the surface dry.
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