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What's This all about?

Simple really. I created this Forum for the express reason of compiling a comprehensive list of the Best and the Worst places to work at in the Providence and Boston area. It is for anyone in the Food and Beverage industry seeking realistic information about a business from the employee's point of view. Here you will find everything, from the hostess station to the employee break room and everything in between.

Let's face it, The employee is the one that is responsible for building these businesses. We are there, especially in this business, sometimes over fifty hours a week. You can look for a job on Craig's list, Monster, I hire etc, and never get the real low down on FOH or BOH procedures, personal, computer systems, managment style, or weather or not your prespective new job may be shuttered in a month or two due to mismanagment.

Our industry is both rewarding and lucrative, if you choose to work for the right company! This list will hopefully grow to include a networking system where all of us in the industry can finally talk to one another , give each other true insight, and help to improve up on a system of finding and keeping the right job.

I invite both the employee and the owner on this board. If you've had a bad experience at the Restaurant or bar you work at, tell us about it! Please understand that this is a public forum and that the company or person you are publicly talking about has the right to face you in a public arena. Please keep that in mind!
I will not allow personal information to be posted in this forum, please understand that this is not a revenge board! Any and all provocative or otherwise harmful information and or material will be immediately removed and earn the op a lifetime ban.

I invite any and all discussion and will have an area for General Discussion but please keep in mind that this forum has a purpose and main topic - The Food and Beverage Industry.

You are an employee at will and it's high time that the companies we all work for come to the realization that that title works both ways. They don't have to give you any notice that they don't want you to work there anymore, and you know what? ~ neither do you!

If you have been looking for placement in this industry the last thing you want to do is go to work for a company that has a high turnover rate. Here at the List, I hope to comprise a list of both the best and the worst places to work for through healthy discussion in an open and public forum and I emphasize PUBLIC.

Weather you are currently employed are are looking for a job in this industry you need to get on THE LIST!

Employee At Will

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