Employee At Will

If you're Boss or manager Fires you, they do it without proper notice and as an employee at will, nine times out of ten in The Food and Beverage industry it can be without provocation or a valid reason. Let me define "Valid Reason" for you in case that is too ambiguous a term. In a corporate setting, the status of employee at will maybe, and in most cases is, very clearly defined in an employee training manual or handbook given to you when you are first hired. It maybe worded differently and depending up on the company that hires you, may in fact be printed in legal terminology, but no matter where you go the vernacular is almost always the same. Your employment may be terminated for the following "Valid" reasons: Theft, insubordination, tardiness, missed work days, non disclosure of information or misrepresentation of identity/work history.

"Because I need to give your shifts to the owner's nephew" ~ not a valid reason.
"Because I am jealous that the owner may promote you above me or I am intimidated/ jealous of you" ~ not a valid reason,
Because you are inquiring about your improperly paid or held back wages and or overtime ~ Not a valid reason and etc.

In short, you may have about 2 minutes to gather your belongings and exit the building after being fired, because of your status as an employee at will, but because we are so incredibly skull screwed into beliving that we HAVE to be professional, we as the employee are bound by honor and professionalism to give proper notice ~ which is usually and traditionally a two week time period.

It's all about the reference isn't it?
My last job didn't even call any of my references. They never even took a copy of my SS card or filed an I9 ~ which is required by law btw. They did not pay me my correct wages, or overtime. My manager routinely and intentionally caused problems between myself and fellow co-workers by giving them misinformation about me because she didn't like me.
two weeks notice? So while I'm going through the stress of training for a new and hopefully better job, I'm also suppose to add further stress to my life by extending to them a courtesy that they would never and by sheer definition of the term EAW don't have to give to me?
Employee at will is very clear. it's in the title. You have just as much right in a non contractual agreement to walk right the hell out that door as your manager has the right to give your shifts away to people that they like better than you, or as he or she feels that they can bully, harass, belittle or demean you.
~Without notice. without warning. ~ and waving your middle finger in the air if you should feel so bold.

For some reason, our industry feels that it is safeguarded against certain labor laws such as paying correct wages, out right discrimination, sexual harassment and in some cases Human rights.
You may be one of the hundreds even thousands in this industry out of work right now, or worse stuck in a miserable hell hole of a restaurant where your e economic situation forces you to put up with these types of despicable idiots everyday of your life.

I have three little words for you.. EMPLOYEE AT WILL.
They don't have to be an intelligent t responsible respectable and professional business that is savvy enough to know that this is a people industry and as such is directly affected by the treatment of their employees .

I have worked in this industry for over twenty-five years now, and I have met some of the nicest as well as some of the worst people one can normally expect to come across in this field. When I tell you that it is possible to find a job where you can expect to be treated as a human being, get paid the wages that you deserve and spend almost 40 hours a week of your life, and in some cases even more, building someone else's business, and be appreciated for it.
Believe it!

You don't have to put up with this kind of bullshit. You don't have to go through the stress of downloading useless complaint forms from an over-stressed Labor board web site that more than likely will not even look at your complaint unless there are multiple forms from that work place.
Get the FUCK out of where you are and look for a better place to work! They're out there, Your life, our lives were not meant to be spent this way.

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