Usually means that you are using this passive skill

Yes, not everyone troubles to get Elemental Equilibrium. Not everyone troubles to take life nodes. Not everyone troubles to get a 6-link. Arbitrary scrubs can make sub-par decisions constantly. However over 90% of optimal single-element builds abuse a second ability to proc Necessary Equilibrium. It is the greatest strategy for those builds and every streamer as well as competent player understands it. But this particular kinda goes back to my original stage. There are in fact still ignorant people who don't understand the game's mechanics beyond and extremely surface area level and should be considered when talking about this stuff. One is Life (the red stuff) another is energy shield (the white covering the red). When you go through the entire passive tree you will see that there are +life or +life percentage nodes and on the other hand there are +energy shield nodes. One very important node is called Chaos Inoculation. This node makes it so your a lot more reduced to 1 and you also become immune to chaos damage (chaos damage bypasses energy shield). Choosing energy shield for your build usually means that you are using this passive skill.

Thus, you want to choose much more the other in order to increase your survivability through only using life gear and life passive nodes or even high Energy shield gear and Energy shield passive nodes. Just some stats for people testing out sword raider BF build, with just a Dreamfeather and a Scaeva i'm doing 1155 damage per utilizes of BF, attacking for 7. 38 time a sec, 30% crt opportunity, 340% crt multiplier. This is with max frenzy on a 2x ascended raider. Seems free to compare some other classes if you're not really feeling raider is actually up to par, or in case swords isnt your own thing. Cant go wrong with this, you can also respec to BF later on, it uses pretty much identical tree nodes and similar ability gems > -thread/1738625/I will hopefully decide which of WarChieftain totems or Gladiator Block Blade Flurry that I will play sometime around the league beginning > _> . I may end up defaulting to the "safe" build of warchieftain totems to make poe foreign currency, but it would be nice to play (and fail) with a build I have done some work on myself. Since I have made some kind of exactly the same build I have some questions.

Occasionally I needed to test out abyssus as well as lightning coil as well as sixlinked it prior to I had a chance to check out some other chests. It can ok on lower and mid rate maps, but is it gonna save my ass on guardians since I've taken the berserker factors. Or it's more profitable to get stomach and more damaging rings and amulet. System my buffs I have 200k dps. Could it be too low for survivabilyty on high rate maps? I always show all possible options in terms of Passive Tree, so you can choose what things to pick first based on your Gear as well as personal preferences, however I gave my own skillorder in the video. With Xoph's Bloodstream you can drop four points on Character of Fire, select the jewel slots last, as long as you don´t have GG jewels prepared to equip, and also select the duelists 4% life cluster last. Or just check out the linked Discussion board guide where you will discover lower level trees... The synergie is there, with the Path of Exile: Ascendency and the Gearoptions adding Craze, you reach avoid cap with minimal investment. It´s difficult to reach the same degree of mitigation with shield on a similar quantity of passives spend

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