Promote the development of fly ash mill

A reference to the fly ash we will think of Ore Milling Equipment , the mill in the fly ash industry has made tremendous contributions to our country's economic development has brought some benefits, so far we The country's milling machine industry is also far ahead in the international arena, our country's milling machine is also out of a developing stage, so if we want to maintain this state we have to work harder.

The comprehensive utilization of fly ash resources is a long-term plan in the development of China's economy and society. It is necessary to adhere to the policy of "adapting to local conditions, encouraging the use of a variety of ways, emphasizing the effectiveness, focusing on breakthroughs and gradually promoting" and promoting the relevant preferential policies, New fly ash mill equipment will be more widely used.

The comprehensive utilization of fly ash from the past to the roadbed, fill, concrete admixture, soil modification and other aspects of the application, the development of the current cement raw materials, cement mixture, large water conservancy project, pumping concrete, Large volume of concrete products, advanced packing and other high-level use of the way.

The coal ash discharged from the power plant is polished by the mill, and the fineness meets the application standard. It has a certain degree of hydraulically active activity. After the production and processing, it can be equipped with high-performance mixing fine ash, with benefits and cement as cementing material, For the gas agent, and then through a special grinding machine grinding, mixing and other technology, can improve the comprehensive utilization of fly ash benefits.

Production of fly ash special milling machine, based on the original mill, after a number of customers and the use of corporate feedback exchange, improved modification, professional for the deep processing of fly ash and other fine powder, using a reasonable Of the structural design, with advanced production technology, fully meet the needs of customers.

Because coal gangue piled up, fly ash shade, causing environmental pollution, has seriously affected the overall image of the city and restricts the economic development. The power plant, coal gangue plants are ongoing equipment upgrades and technological improvements, increase the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, in particular, to increase the new mill equipment to improve the level of comprehensive utilization of fly ash.

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