Hal McCoy: Redsí Hamilton deserves gold for his glove

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Q: Why are references made to the NFL prototype quarterback but never to the MLB prototype pitcher? ó DAVE, Miamisburg/Centerville, Beavercreek.
A: What is an NFL prototype quarterback? Is it the straight drop-back version or one that can throw on the run and tuck it and run? Quarterbacks are human and they all are different. Not everybody can be Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Itís the same with baseball pitchers. What is a prototype? There is no such animal because they all approach their craft differently and some are great, some are average and some are bad.
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Q: How many Reds will win Gold Gloves this year? ó J.R., Oxford.
A: Judging by the recent past, who knows? The Gold Glove award is voted upon by managers and coaches and they canít vote for their own players. They all must have worn blindfolds when they played the Reds last year and didnít give Billy Hamilton a Gold Glove. He is even better this year with his extraordinary catches and his arm. He doesnít deserve a Gold Glove. He deserves a Platinum Glove. Third baseman Eugenio Suarez has played Gold Glove defense, but as long as the human suction cup that is Coloradoís Nolan Arenado is around, nobody but him wins the GG. Adam Duvall is a strong candidate, too. He is No. 1 in outfield assists in the majors and Hamilton is second. They wonít name two outfielders from a last-place team, so it is hoped they take off the blinders and vote for Hamilton.
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Q: Of all traded Reds since 1960, who would make your ďall-tradedĒ team? ó BEN, Butler Twp.
A: A great question, but a tough question because of so many trades. And some of the trades did benefit the Reds, even though the traded players did well with other teams. My team: Dan Wilson, catcher; Tony Perez, first base; Kurt Stillwell, second base; Ray Knight, third base; Frank Robinson, Paul OíNeill and Vada Pinson, outfield; Trevor Hoffman, right-handed pitcher; John Franco, left-handed pitcher.
Q: In all your years covering baseball have you ever seen a manager with four consecutive last-place finishes and three straight 90-plus-loss seasons retain his job? ó TIM, Xenia.
A: First of all, if the Reds finish last this year it will only be the third straight time. And they havenít reached 90 losses yet this season, which would be three straight. Fortunately, the powers-that-be must recognize that it isnít Bryan Priceís fault. Perhaps by retaining him they are accepting the blame. The front office provides the players and made the decision to jettison so many accomplished major leaguers. And the persistent injuries to pitchers and catcher Devin Mesoraco arenít his fault. The rebuild marches on and Price is carrying the flag.
Q: Will there be a place for Brandon Finnegan, Cody Reed and/or Anthony DeSclafani? ó BILL, Dayton
A: If you mean next season, thatís a major dilemma. Manager Bryan Price said he wants the rotation picked by the end of this season. With the emergence of Luis Castillo, Robert Stephenson, Sal Romano and Tyler Mahle, all pitching extremely well, where do those other guys fit. DeSclafani has been hurt much of the last two seasons. Can they depend upon him? Is Homer Bailey all the way back? Iíd guess that because the Reds have only one left-hander in the bullpen (Wandy Peralta) that Finnegan and/or Reed are destined for the bullpen. And you forgot Amir Garrett, Rookie Davis and Jackson James Bradberry Youth Jersey Stephens. Can the Reds use a 10-man rotation?
Q: If Bob Castellini names me manager of the Reds next year, Rasiel Iglesias is my opening day starter. Do you agree? ó TIM, Dayton.

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