The first effective way - enchanting Level-5 jewelry

We believe the first good way to make money RS Gold and earn XP is enchanting level-5 jewellery. For example , you can buy some dragonstone bracelets as well as enchant them to combat bracelets. And more consistently, you can turn dragonstone amulets into amulet of glories, which grants you about 130K Magic XP per hour basically while the profit varies wildly. All you need to do is actually spend a little time finding the items you need in advance.
The second effective way - cutting diamond bolt tips
You can use diamond bolt tips to make diamond bolts, which can be enchanted to make diamond bolts (e) in turn. You can withdraw 27 diamonds at a time with a chisel on hand. And each diamond becomes 12 tips when chiseled. You can cut a maximum of 1400 diamonds per hour, for it takes 70 seconds to cut an inventory of gemstone bolt tips.
It can be immensely profitable to slice diamonds into tips, Cheap Runescape Gold which requires Fletching level 65, and you will be rewarded 7 Fletching XP per bolt created.
The third effective way - humidifying clay
Soft clay is widely used to training Crafting for those who have no time to wet clay by themselves, which results in high demand for soft clay.
You can cast Humidify on an inventory of clay and also tun them into soft clay. If you want to maximize your profit, its recommended to use astral runes and equip a stream battlestaff.
Please check the price of everything you need in advance to gain rich XP and profit by these 3 ways offered on RSorder where there is cheap OSRS gold for sale.

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