In real life, PUBG fans check for bulletproof frying pans

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the pan and even a few months later, there is still a project to acquire the early main objects for humor.

Although she is often a practical accessory: many players may be in a position to remember 5-10 cases, kitchen utensils.

The bullet to stop

Logical Increments, the YouTube creatorPubg skins, decided to see if there was a chance of such protection in real life.

The author USES purity for three kinds of weapons: the PUBG 9mm pistol bullet P1911 Beretta 92 45 calibre rifle topic, and Kar98k old 62.

Using watermelon for experimental purposes, turn off game simulation like a pan.

Experience is the "iron shield" three sample 3: Р 1911 left external layer melon small damage, the bullet from the small pot samples through and husband's biggest berries.

The rifle shooting target is forced in little pieces, ignoring the actual resistance hardware.

Finally, remind users that the author of video, in the real life, to trust and protect the tableware is actually unreliable and so on.

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