6 Ton Jack Stands by sliding it below the arbor

The aboriginal affair that technicians accept to accept is that jacks are for appropriation the vehicle, and 3 Ton Jack Stands are for acknowledging the weight.
There is a allowance at the end of the butt on the jack that represents the abandoned affair amid hydraulic burden befitting the car in the air and force causing it to appear abolition down. The allowance is not advised to backpack the bulk for abiding periods, so application the jack afield increases the affairs of failure.
On the added hand, if the jack is acclimated appropriately and a jack angle supports the weight, the likelihood of an blow is abundantly reduced.
Once the jack has aerial the car off the ground, the jack angle should be set to the alive acme and placed anon below the arbor or something anon affiliated to the arbor or frame. If the absolute arbor is getting lifted, again there accept to be a jack angle on anniversary ancillary for a absolute of two.
After the jack angle is positioned, the jack accept to be appear so all of the weight is getting accurate by the jack stand.
Technicians should never “shock load” a 6 Ton Jack Stands by sliding it below the arbor or bounce while the jack still supports the weight. If the jack fails, the jack angle may not be able to abutment the weight because it is not rated for that blazon of load.

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