Update CS: GO 25. 10. 17 - new acoustic scattering system

The next Dusta2 Valve patch returns to play sound. The new sound system is being tested. By default, it will be disabled and anyone can test it.

A new sound scattering system (occlusion) is added. CSGO AWP Skins.The brand new model is more realistic to recreate the sound of various materials on the way to the player. Instead of simply adjusting the volume of sound, different materials distort sounds differently. In the end, all users will enable this option by default. At this point in the test, we have to use the snd_occlusion 1 command to enable it,

Some errors were corrected, some of which were played twice in observer mode.


To improve the performance of medium and low grade computers,

Remove Windows as well as awnings to improve visibility,

The awning of the door is moved to a convenient shortcut,

The slot is located in the crate from the lower tunnel.

Improve visibility from the short elimination window,

From A to remove cereal bags,

From Longa to remove awning,

Repair grenades and stone collision,

Restoring the space for the resurgence of counter-terrorism weapons,

Moving Windows and sinks from the CT slopes,

Right after the middle of the barrel,

Several Windows have been enhanced to enhance presence,

Reduce the noise and also contrast of some textures and improve visibility.

Garbage is confirmed in front of the tunnel,

Set the car's "surface property" value to "metal vehicle"

Raise alcohol awareness,

Opened the door within the living room,

Tunnel correction wall to improve rankings,

Improve the visibility associated with platform B,

The contrast of a few curtains in B increases,

On platform B,buy csgoskins, the player may lock,

Fixed radar is better built on B,

Fixed shift next to the pita,

Some roofs are added to the boom landscape.

The HTTP log delivery includes a new "x-server-instance-token" header containing the unique Server ID, Token, and local IP.

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