China and the United States and the United States of the United States and also the United States

On October 23 - on November 3, e-sports own brand alliance tournament Legend Series CS: GO in Tiongkok (Chinese name CS: GO Legend Series) the official start of the registration, the registration website ls. The allied - esports. Cn/csgo, e-sports designed for elite players this is the connections, a global event, national championship will also with North America, the European championship team together to be born in the United States global finals tickets, worldwide competition awards totaling $200000.

The global positioning of its own events to enhance the international influence of local e-sports brands

From the beginning of the company, contrat atletico has already taken globalization as the company's development philosophy. From the layout of global stadiums to the creation of self-owned branded occasions to the global distribution of event programmes, each business segment is based on the local and global view.

Legend Series, a self-owned brand event owned by the league, is scheduled to open upon November 4, 2016, with Legend Collection CS: GO The far east. Legend Series CS: GO China competition has been authorized by the perfect world, as well as the north American and European competition zones have also obtained the authorization of Valve respectively.

E-sports CEO Feng Qing alliance, says ms through holding for amateur players of high quality third-party activities, e-sports created for them to participate in the professional league tournament the opportunities and to the possibility of a career path. Union e-sports is innovative to open online team, contestants who offline dual channel, through offline training camp promote personal ability, and solve the individual players team problem, dispel their worries, built the humanized service system.

Will China championship contest in e-sports league's sanlitun e-sports pavilion, the net full of fish, at the same time will also be broadcast live by mainstream live platform, let love CS: GO fans at the scene and screen together to witness the actual glory of the top notch players. Winning the particular Legend Series CS: the team that won the China shining, will GO to the Esports Arena st. Anna in North America as well as compete for the world championship with Western and north American champion teams.

The global operation of the electric competitors is also effective in the e-sports arena. Currently, e-sports Beijing, shenzhen, the European Union, North America, Santa ana pavilion has been in operation, the future will also be expensive in China and taiwan, and North America in Oakland, Seattle, Las Vegas, continue to layout e-sports venues, professional for the globalization of tournament to provide adequate security.

Focus on elite gamers to give ordinary people the opportunity to go professional

This year on September 15, represented by perfect world of CS: PROCEED start the demo, CS: GO official league system is forming, will also be the CS: GO elite participants provide a path to a career path.

The Chinese champions, runners-up, third runners-up, and the air force will be awarded 50, 000, 30, 000, 15, 000 and also 10, 000 RMB respectively, with a international award of $200, 000.

CS: MOVE outside is subject to the start of operation within 2012, with extremely high popularity of people. For domestic members, it is rare to have a chance to participate in the global competition with foreign players shortly after typically the national test.

According to the latest statistics associated with gamma data, the total number of users regarding e-sports in Cina will reach 220 million in 2017, and it is expected to reach 280 million by 2018. As the core factor of promoting the development of e-sports industry chain, the importance of often the tournament, no doubt, but I'm on the market at present the mainstream of the tournament, the most expert tournament with scale is mainly aimed at specialist player.

In complicité e-sports CEO ms Feng Qing view, e-sports league career is important, but to promote the further development of e-sports in domestic, for the mass base of the largest common elite players open tournament e-sports market, more conducive to active to increase the exact heft of e-sports, solid foundation of the progress e-sports players. The Legend Series CS: GO is specifically designed for this group, so that the e-sports stars who are on the international stage are no longer the patent of professionals. Legend Sequence CS: GO China based online stores, Europe and The united states, and through the masses of the most popular elite group of players, China's e-sports culture will be transmitted to the world.

Enrich the content of electricity competition to improve the very e-sports ecology

India association of av and digital publishing games committee issued the 2016 China and tiawan e-sports industry report pointed out that domestic influential events in 2016, a total of 94 tournament MOBA class participation and attention greatly ahead of other types of events.

Whether it is the main TI of DOTA2, the S series of the league involving heroes, the LPL or KPL from the king's glory, most of the high attention in the current electricity competition is the MOBA category. However the whole e-sports business sustainable development point of view, this phenomenon is not good for e-sports ecological virtuous circle, CS: GO and watch the pioneer FPS type heat tournament, will be conducive to reverse the situation.

Previously, the actual league had won an exclusive license from blizzard to host the particular open championship game against non-professional competitors, and the second season is underway. Story Series CS: GET China event held, will further enrich the content of the competition, China e-sports online players and fans to provide more variety of choices, also will further build better e-sports ecology.

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