Will the Chinese Super League feature?

EA confirmed to Fox Sports that the league, arguably Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins the fastest growing and richest in the world, will not feature in FIFA 18.

EA SPORTS’ lead gameplay producer Sam Rivera said: “Our intention with FIFA is to bring the best leagues in the world.

“Yes, we thought about the Chinese league, but for now the Super Group will not be included in FIFA 18. ”

Gamers have been calling on APP to include the China's Super League for months after a string of high-profile players made the move overseas.

Earlier in the year, Jiangsu Suning’s Alex Teixeira Santos posted a picture on Instagram, with the caption: “Official presentation for FIFA 18 new jersey for the 2017 season. ”

Some took this to be a sign the league was set to be included - but it’s clear now this is not the case.

Will The Journey feature again? (SPOILER ALERT)

Yes, it’s called Hunter Returns.

The Journey 2 will still follow the life and career of Alex Hunter, and no, you won’t be able to be anyone else.

Unfortunately for those hoping to put themselves in the game, or play with a player of their choice, you still have to be Alex Seeker.

Here’s what we know:

The story line decisions are much broader

Last season’s game mode saw the story line quite narrow, with limited decision making.

It was the first time EA Sports activities had entered in a story mode like this, so we can forgive them, but this time round the story line is much, much broader, and the decisions you make will make a much greater difference.

Whereas most of us ended up winning the FA Cup with our Hunters in FIFA 17, it’ll be interesting to see where our character can end up once we’ve taken different decisions from our mates.

The gameplay and mechanics are virtually the same

We haven’t had a chance to play the whole thing, far from it, but it looks as if though they’ve maintained the things we enjoyed most from The Journey.

So decisions of fiery, cool or moderate stay, you’ll have to cheap fifa 18 coins earn ratings within training and matches to excel, and scenes will happen sporadically through the story.

You can modify your Alex Hunter to have blonde hair and tattoos

…And the rest. You’ll be able to change the look of your Alex Rogue to have a vast array of different hairstyles, tattoos, tracksuits and so on.

There is apparently ‘hundreds’ of options to choose from, which will be an exciting change.

Read more about the changes you’ll be able to make to your character here.

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