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Radio controlled clock
The radio controlled clock from Jomira measures 5-14 inches x 4 inches and has a backlight function. It shows hours Wholesale Jerseys , minutes, seconds Cheap Footaball Jerseys , date and day of the week. You can get the temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius. There is also a melodious alarm for you in this clock. This clock has a radio which is controlled by the government of US tower.
• The design of this clock is sleek which makes it perfect to be kept at any home or office.
• You can set this clock on your desk or hang it on a wall as per your convenience. The time is displayed in inch-high digits.
•There is a fantastic alarm in this clock which comes with a snooze button which also results in the activation of the back-lit function when pressed.
• This clock is controlled by a radio signal which is produced by the government of the United States.
• This clock has two AA batteries.
• The best thing about Jomira is that it has got the exclusive distribution of the radio-controlled clock in the United States.
Reasons for buying radio-controlled clock from Jomira
• This clock is ideal as it is manufactured in the United States and all the material used in its making is from the United States.
• In addition, Jomira is one of the most reliable suppliers of many goods in America.
• There is a long list of satisfied customers which makes you believe that you should buy your products from Jomira.
• Last but not the least Jomira has a return policy which enables you to return the product after 30 days of purchase in case you are not satisfied the services.
Palito shower radio
The palito shower radio comes with two AA batteries Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , has AM and FM and is water proof. You can make your morning shower more enjoyable by listening to your favourite program. • All this can be done while you are washing your hair or rinsing off.
• This shower radio is a fantastic receiver that can be fixed perfectly over the handle of your shower and delivers excellent sound while you are busy in your daily activities.
• In addition you will get you full range of AM and FM of almost all the stations in your region.
• The performance of this shower radio is so good that it will make you sing along with its sound.
• It is totally waterproof and its green colour will gel with the decor of your bathroom.
• Since Jomira has the privilege of being the direct importer of this shower radio you can get this amazing product from Jomira at a very attractive price of $ 19.95.
If you are looking for a perfect radio clock then you should go for Jomira Electronic clock radio as it comes with many exclusive features. Not to mention this clock from Jomira has all the features of a fabulous radio controlled clock and is fully made in the United States.
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