MAD lion will also join Gamergy in CS: GO

X6x and gBots will play a game of seven innings to meet the second bloodline

The crazy lion will roar twice in the next Gamergy. If they have sealed off the legends league final, today their CS: GO team has also entered the tournament that will be the year of the year in Spain.

He's finished the last day of the super league in Orlando, Cheap CSGO Skins,but he doesn't have to play his own game to make it happen. The other Team, the Team Heretics, who chose Gamergy, couldn't compete with kpis, so their votes were torn apart. For the lions at Madrid's Madrid exhibition, they will be their first Gamergy.

Although today has hit the last time, the location of the relegation zone has not been determined. ThunderX3 is one of the ones known yesterday, but it is necessary to tie a tiebreaker between the gBots and x6tlet to settle the equality in the classification.

The alien lives to fight the lion today. Victory saved them,,and defeat condemned them. Either one or the other. Only Madrid will be drawn, and the competition must be played to clarify who will face Victoria in the relegation phase. At the time of this writing, the message has not been publicly celebrated, but in the next few days.

So , as a summary, the giants game, Movistar riders, kpis and MAD lions will be the four teams that Gamergy will vie for victory. The giants will certainly face the lions in the semifinals, and the drivers will make their own efforts through key performance indicators (kpis).

Baskonia will have to wait to meet the challenge of staying within the orange super group for a year. Next week will be next week.

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