CSGO city's elite finals battle drum beat the daily live watch of the ceremony

After nearly two months of fighting, the perfect world's CS: GO Intel cup China's urban elite is about to start the battle!
On December 16 and 17, eight regional champion teams will gather in Beijing to compete in the national finals.
The winner will be the champion of China's CS: GO civilian player to the high honor trophy and the 100 thousand championship prize, become the Chinese CS: GO nova!

The actual eight forces rallied for honor

As a non-threshold open competition for all people, csgoskins,CS: the GO Intel cup urban elite will provide an opportunity for all ordinary players to stand on the stage.
The city classic cover 32 cities in China, total is 500000 yuan RMB, the audition players through the city, city championship and extrême in the test, can symbol on domestic CS: GO organization with the highest level of national finals phase.

Therefore , in the final eight teams are outstanding person from all over the country, they will represent the south China, north China, east China, southeast, southwest and central Tiongkok, northeast China, shandong eight division.

World-class venues bring world-class viewing experience

The particular CS: GO town classic final venue selected for Beijing chaoyang district eastern one hundred million celestica in1999, is with the CS: GO Minor Asian championships with equivalent professional event venues.
Concert hall is located in Beijing CBD corridor dingfu village media core position, has a world-class, household leading technology as well as equipment conditions, will certainly belong to the ordinary gamers of the national sport up to the height of the top professional sports.
It is believed that the players who come to the site to cheer up the urban top notch can also experience the shocking experience of the exceptional event.

The top teams are on the verge of a fierce battle

On December 16, the match was held in the group period and the semi-finals, and the eight teams were divided into two groups, each with a BO1 double defeat and also the first two within the semi-finals.
On the morning of December 17, the final will be held as scheduled, and we will witness China's CS: the birth from the king of the GO Cenozoic era.

At the same time, after the champion team decided, they will get a with the opportunity to play against China's top professional team, the final day will invite a teams within China and a foreign giants at the scene of the passion in order to fight!
The fight of focus will be on. Which professional team will appear?
The new recruit VS veteran, can the upstarts wow the room?
Can The far east defend its glory at home?
All is to be revealed!

To be seen at the scene of the ceremony

There's nothing more exciting than a passionate shout, if you want to catch a glimpse of the city's elite, you can arrived at the site for free!
Here, you can not only fuel the racers, but also get close contact with the top domestic and also foreign teams as guests.
What's more, csgo4skin,we have prepared a great gift for all the players who are on the scene, and two weapon boxes + keys are available every day!
At the same time, the audience will be given away from the audience every day to receive the CS: PROCEED badge capsule, the actual master's headset as well as the top Intel I7 processor, so don't miss it!

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