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Terrelle Pryor played this right, even though he didnt really get what he likely thought he'd get.No, thats not nece sarily because his likely starting quarterback for next season took the minimum-sized steps legally required for a walk-back from reports of a trade demand Tuesday morning. If youre absolutely clear on whether Kirk Cousins ever demanded a trade, raise your hand you're probably not Kirk Cousins himself, by the way.Pryor signed a one-year contract with CousinsWashington team, and realistically, the le s-than-concrete explanation by Cousins on Adam Scheffer's podcast is a great illustration why. Pryor is, as they say, betting on himself. Luke Kuechly Jersey Alshon Jeffery is doing the same in Philadelphia this season.But he's also betting on his new team, and he has an easy exit if he loses (if they lose, actually). Thats more than a little different than what Jeffery is doing with the Eagles.MORE: Free agency winners and losersAll the other reasons Pryor has to settle for one year in Washington have been on full, public, ugly display for the past week, as the franchises dirty laundry has been aired and the infrastructure has shown all its cracks, new and old.All of Amini Silatolu Jersey that is easy to say about Pryor and his choices, of course, because he ended up, after a short stay on the free-agent market, not having as many choices as he or anyone else thought. Teams werent willing to give him a multi-year offer. Having only played his new position for one full season may not have helped. The intrigue over how good he could get and how far he could go did not, in the end, translate into a bigger commitment.It didnt convince the Browns to keep him, even though everybody Charles Johnson Jersey is as clear as they ever have been on how much money they have to throw around, thanks to their Brock Osweiler/draft pick gambit. However, the Browns still have a lot of convincing to do about their judgment. According the Cleveland Plain Dealer, when Pryor went back to the Browns after he met with Washington, the Browns offered le s.For those to be his choices, Pryor needed to make the most of it and to make the most of this next season, so that he could have better choices next season. As he told ESPN 980 in Washington (the teams flagship station) Monday: I didn't mind too much not having a long-term deal. I wanted to, but I wanted to make it fair for myself."And, as Pryor told team beat reporters on a conference call earlier Monday, things could change quickly with the aforementioned quarterback, now or at the end of the year.Every expre sion of excitement to play with Cousins (including joining him in workouts in a few weeks), he added a caveat, such as: Obviously, I would like to play with Kirk; I would be an idiot if I didn't believe that. I think he's a great quarterback and hopefully thats what happens."As well as: "Jeez, I hope he stays."He said that with a laugh to the radio station.MORE: Washington will pay for GM smearThe window is there for Pryor, and Cousins, to click, put up big numbers and drive up Kony Ealy Jersey their value in the upcoming season.And if things go wrong with Cousins, before or after that, Pryor will be just as grateful to have a window: his way out.

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