What does it mean to win a major?

Why does this trophy know the biggest player? Because it's a symbol, it's a very powerful type, but what's its symbol?

The first answer that reminded me of this question was the undisputed symbolic representation of victory. You won the biggest race, and this is your crown. But more importantly, Buy Cheap CSGO Skins,you're not just playing a game, you're better than your opponent.

In this case, the cup symbolizes perfection. That's why we're not as lucky to win as we did for the perfect game, and that's not a professional. The lucky victory began as sweet, but it may have become bitter. The moment of triumph suppresses it, but then the levels of adrenaline and dopamine go down, and all of a sudden, whether we deserve this victory or not, we feel frustrated. This is a perfect example of the actual LDLC 2014 DreamHack winter victory.

By contrast, some big wins are more. For example , the particular victory of Astralis is the perfect example of eternity, the preparation and suffering of the past three years. But the trophy didn't reach that level of excellence, just to prove it. Because Major stands for CS: the most difficult and important competition in GO. This is the greatest achievement, because winning the most serious opponent is the most hard. It shows that you are the best.

But not in a few cases. So sometimes a major doesn't show the team's real effort or perfection. For example ,csgo4skin, major Krakow, if the gods win, they beat BIG, Virtus. Pro and Gambit. When Gambit is fighting for fnatic, Astralis and Immortals. If the grand slam wins, then the fairy's victory will be as sweet as the start. But that's not the case. Kazakhstan's victory was the result of hard work, so it was worth it.

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