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Google safe wow gold Inc. last year introduced its Google Wallet smartphone app, which enables users to load their Visa or MasterCard number into their phone. The next version of Apple's iPhone will have a Passbook that will store customer loyalty cards and movie tickets, and Microsoft Corp.'s new phones will do the same.

PayPal is working to let customers at stores such as Home Depot and Foot Locker check out with only a phone number. And Isis, a consortium of Verizon Wireless, AT Inc. and T Mobile, is working with Discover Financial Services to offer a mobile wallet to more than 200 million smartphone users.

"You can think of a zillion ideas about what we can do next," said Tam Hulusi, a vice president at Orange County's HID Global Corp., which along with payment services designs digital ID technology that allows people to enter buildings.

In a pilot program last August, HID installed digital locks around Arizona State University and gave students smartphones fitted with chips that would unlock the doors by waving the phones in front of them. Students agreed they were often likely to already have their phones in their hands when they came to a door, so they were saved the annoyance of digging out a key.

"We're basically bringing computing power down to personal objects, cars, airline seats, my radio," said Hulusi. "It's giving us a very secure way of communicating with machines of all kinds."

But as with many digital technologies, concerns about security will not be easy to alleviate.

Industry officials and analysts acknowledge that when a consumer makes a mobile payment, the money moves through more hands than it would with a cash or credit payment.

In addition to the smartphone manufacturer Apple or Samsung, for example the payment would also flow through payment applications created by the likes of PayDragon and Kuapay, and then through the phone's operating system think Google's Android or Microsoft's Windows Phone system. Then on through payment firms such as Visa or PayPal on its way to plucking the money from your bank account.

"The more links in the chain, the more likely there's a weak one," said Sarah Jane Hughes, a law professor at Indiana University and a former attorney at the Federal Trade Commission's consumer protection bureau. "There's a greater possibility that somebody along the line doesn't have their security in good shape that day."

In February, a security researcher found a way to install software on a Google Android phone that broke into Google's Wallet app. If a thief stole a person's phone, he could use the software to begin using the victim's credit cards, said Joshua Rubin, a senior engineer at Zvelo Inc., a Colorado technology and security firm. Worse yet, he said, if a smartphone owner had unwittingly installed a malicious application from the Internet, the attackers could use the weakness to look at the victim's payment history if the owner had a record of making large purchases, the person might be a more attractive target for further hacking or identity theft.

"Mobile devices are an absolute gold mine for bad guys," Rubin said. "There's a reason why [ways to hack] mobile devices are commanding a huge premium on the black market right now."

A Google spokeswoman said that the company had fixed the hole that would have allowed an attacker to gain control of the phone, and that it was actively on the lookout for similar vulnerabilities. The company also noted that, as with credit cards, users should also contact their digital wallet provider if they lose their phone or suspect fraudulent activity.

Most observers agree that even with imperfect security, mobile wallets are far more secure than leather ones lost cash rarely comes back and thieves can get away with using stolen credit cards at stores and online.

And unlike with wallets, consumers are likely to immediately notice if they've lost their phone. Payment industry officials also say that spotting fraudulent activity will be easier, given that the smartphone can provide its precise location, as well as more detailed information about the types of purchases the owner was likely to make.

The vision of a walletless future is also giving rise to the possibility of a cashless society, long the stuff of science fiction.

For one thing, cash can be burdensome to lower wage earners who have to pay regular fees to cash checks and use ATMs, said Dave Birch, a founder of payment advisor Consult Hyperion. Because smartphones now tend to cut across many income levels, mobile payments could level the monetary playing field.

Paper money, he said, "has worked well, but it's not appropriate for the next phase of evolution of the economy.".

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