Manufactured Sand and Sand Washer

Sand washer is of great importance to sand making industry, just like stone crusher in construction industry. However, around the globe, the amount of natural sand and gravel extraction is becoming less and less, which leads to the insecurity of the sand operators. Under these circumstances, manufactured sand has become increasingly popular for both consumers and sand manufacturers. Obviously, such factors as dramatic urbanization and the restriction of environmental laws and regulations limit the exploitation of natural sand. On the other hand, the exploration and extraction process of Greenfield sand and gravel take a long time and much money. Therefore, to maximize production and profits, a number of sand suppliers resort to producing manufactured sand.

Economically, manufactured sand of high quality is priced much higher than natural sand and gravel, providing a considerate profit margin for sand producers as a result. By using advanced sand processing equipment, the percentage of waste can be vastly reduced. Cutting-edge integrated sand solution is widely used in the production of manufactured sand, including vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, sand washer and so on.

Although the composition of sand varies according to different locations and resources, it comes into being due to the natural decomposition of rocks. In general, the natural decomposition process takes millions of years. Due to physical power in nature such as the movement of earth crust and mountains, rocks gradually break down into small chunks. Then the combination of acid rain and petrifaction turns rock chunks into smaller particles. Blown by wind or carried by water, such tiny particles exist everywhere. After the sand is extracted from such places as river banks and mountains, it is loaded onto a lorry. Then the sand is transported to either a surrounding sand manufacturing plant or target consumers far away for further sorting. The raw material at a sand manufacturer is kind of slurry composed of clay, sand, and water. The material is firstly dumped into a huge perforated screen or a blade mill to separate sand from other items, depending on the amount of impurities.

Sand washer is used to get rid of such foreign matters like silt and clay to prepare sand for further processing. It is designed to have an integrated capability to screen, transfer and wash incoming sand. The basic structure of a sand washer is a chassis, a sand screen, a screw conveyor and rotary bucket elevators.

The chassis not only guarantees high strength and flexibility of the machine but also withstands possible physical pressures. Sand screens of different sizes are mainly composed of two opposite rectangular frames. Screw conveyor begins to roll and churn when a sand washer is started, so as to collect the washed sand and discharge waste water through perforated sheets. Rotary bucket elevators consist of welding bent plates and are used as storage areas for the washed sand.

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