23W T8 LED Tube Light Is Dropping Its Price in International

As a common light, 23W T8 led tube light has been welcomed and popular. Its price is dropping with the development of society and technology. However, the properties and features and all the same or even more better and superior. They are still bright, energy saving and low cost. In the market, there are many types and shapes such lights available that if you have a requirement, you are supposed to surf the Internet for the light.

In the common sense, the LED light is increasingly popular and improvement, especially in Japan, Korea and other countries located in Southeast Asia. All of them consider the LEDs are ideal alternatives of incandescent lights. Even though, it is in rural areas, the LED light bulbs are also the substitutions. The research shows that LED tube light especially led flood light will certain be the main products in home lighting.

The LED tube light is energy saving light. It has many other advantages and functions as well. It is brilliant and the light is soft and sufficient for reading, learning and other activities. Online, the LED lights are in different price scope of different brands we know. Objective comparison between LED light price and conventional energy saving light can be shown. The Philips LED light bulbs take almost CNY300 and others ranging from 85 to 300. Higher quality lights are more expensive than the common ones, but on the whole, price is lower.

Professional shows that the cost of LED T8 Tube 150cm frosted 23w is not so expensive as the high power one. The composition of the price is also there. Illuminant seize 40%, power takes 30%, labor charges takes 11%, cost of heat dissipation occupies 3%, PC housing covers 10% and the left part is aluminum PCB. Someone has presented that with the technique breakthrough in upper stream of LED industry, the low price LED light is available in the latest few years.

The dropping price 23W T8 LED tube lights are now very popular and widely used. As long as resident have the requirement, they can find the lights in the market and online shops. Other types lights, including LED flood light , downlight and others can be found used for respective applications. to choose high quality and competitive price LED lights, is here for you.

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