What is Solar Water Heater?

Solar water heater can be divided into active and passive electric circulating pump . Passive usually includes water storage tank and collector; active contains let water circulation pump and the function of the temperature control. Tank and collector may be combined with each other to be an organic whole, may be separated. Among the renewable energy equipment, it is one with the highest energy conversion efficiency and more durable. There are some kinds of its collectors, such as flat type, valve type, concentrated, selective absorption film or selective reflection film and so on.

The definition of solar energy generally refers to the radiation energy of sunlight. Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy. In generally, solar energy contains different kinds of energy, such as wind, biomass energy, tidal power, water potential energy and so on. The basic method of using solar energy can be divided into four classes, such as light-heat utilization, electricity use, chemical utilization of light and creatures uses. Among these four kinds of using solar energy, the most mature technology is light-heat conversion, products of it is the maximum and it costs low relatively split pressurized solar collector . For example, solar water heater, dryer, water boiler, solar oven, solar greenhouse and so on. Solar energy conversion efficiency of solar-ghermal power generation is higher than that of photovoltaic solar energy, but it is still not used widely. Currently, the most widely used and with the most mature technology and the best economy application is solar water heater in the solar-thermal conversion.

How to use the solar energy?

Firstly, solar-thermal uses, which will collect the sun radiation energy, then through interconversion with the material to be heat energy. Nowadays, the most used solar collectors contains flat-plat collectors, focusing collectors and vacuum tube collectors. In the future, the main use of solar energy is used to generate electricity. There are two ways to generate electricity of solar energy, the first one is light-heat-electricity conversion, it is generating electricity by heat energy of using solar radiation. Usually it is to use the energy collector to absorb the heat energy to be converted to steam, then to produce electricity by a steam driven generator. The first process is light-heat transformation, the latter process is heat-electricity conversion. The second one is optical-electrical conversion, which fundamental unit is solar cell, it uses light boom v effect to convert solar radiation into electricity directly by its basic principle split solar water heater .

Secondly, photochemical use, this is a kind of light-chemical conversion to use solar radiant energy to decompose of hydrogen production from water.

Thirdly, light-creatures use, which is a process to convent solar energy into biomass by plant photosynthesis. Nowadays, there are fast-throwing plants (such as firewood forests) and oil-bearing crops and giant algae.

Above all are the ways to use solar water heater, which uses solar energy to heat water according to the heat pipe. So the solar water heater plays an important role in people’s daily life.

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