COB LED Technology VS MCOB LED Technology VS TCOB LED Technology

In LED industrial, COB(chips on Board) technology compare with SMD led technology ,it is so diffrent ,it can give the more smooth lighting feel ,
But as the COB led technical have it own short area,such as the low lighting efficiency( whole lighting only 70lm/w-80lm/w),so in the using area,
it can not compare with SMD led technoly.

For solve cob led low efficiency problem,in 2010,wanban develop the MCOB(multi-cups-chips on board) led technical ,with MCOB led technology the
led whole lighting can reach 100lm/w-130lm/w, but as the high lighting decay, and color change ,and failed rate too much ,so also can not compare
the SMD led technology in short time.

From end of 2013,wanban finish the TCOB(titanium-Ceramics-Crystals-chips on board) led technial ,it is develop with Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Germany Material Research Institute, for TCOB led technial , it not only can give more than 120lm/w whole lighting efficiency, also can insure
the led lighting no lighting decay, no color change , and it can insure the long using time(as the low working temperature,compare with the SMD
and MCOB ,it can lighting in more than 1000° oven temperature minutes).

So with our TCOB led lighting technology step foreward, it will save more energy in the earth.

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