Two of the guild officers were in TE

in General discussion Wed May 13, 2015 11:57 pm
by caisgold • 8 Posts | 80 Points

Leadership was divided the whole xpac. Two of the guild officers were in TE. One was obviously a raid leader of one other team. Everyone wished to pull the guild in various directions. The attitude on the other guild toward TE wasn't making them feel welcome. Granted, this team formed their unique clique, and lots of of them only logged into raid and pretty much extricated themselves through the remaining portion of the guild. Finally about a month about ago, [they] chose to stop from my guild and resurrect <Other Guild>.

Some guild members were obviously upset and hurt concerning the sudden departure of TE. Others were very angry. In the final, it's what was needed. After the dust settled, everyone's now ok regarding it. We harbor no hard feelings toward the other person, and then we are planning on working together in WOD. Since our guilds have distinctive goals and wow gold , we're more of an alliance now. And any players we find that we feel fits the opposite guild better, we send them along. Fortunately they are prepared make out for the normal/heroic WOD groups if needed, so we would complete because of their Mythic runs as needed. This kind of drama could easily have broken the guild. 35cxhyh

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