Healing spec that may be pet-based

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Basically, you're a dragon, plus your human/orc/NE/whatever form is what species you select at character creation. You'd obtain a flight travel form in the appropriate level in runescape account you turn into a dragon, etc. It will wear Mail, and use either caster or Agi determined by spec.

The 3 specs can be based on three different dragonflights (you're chromatic dragon, redeemed and raised by the other flights, so basically you possibly can emulate different flights):

Emerald: Healing spec that may be pet-based. When you can have 1-2 direct heals, your big part can be summoning pets that then heal your target(s). Imagine a consequence like Wild Imps that summons little whelps that cast smaller heals, in conjunction with some larger dragons it is possible to control as pets to heal your targets.

Red: Melee DPS depending on some light shape-changing and fire effects. You can grow claws and also a tail, with these as part of your attacks. Include some short-range breath attacks, like cone of fire, a wing-based knockback, and other effects for style and even more damage. Offensive cooldown would turn you right Drakonid for bigger burst damage. 35cxhyh

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