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Before you go out and blow all your weekly wages on sports betting there are a few things that you need to know about the type of gambler you are and how much is too much risk.

If you can figure out which type of gambler you are you'll be sure to either walk away with no losses Ray Nitschke Packers Jersey , walk away with a nice profit, or always walk away empty handed.

Here are the 5 types of gamblers profile

1. Ego Bettor
Only out to satisfy their ego Brett Favre Packers Jersey , and a little reckless with money. Just out to win big and get the big win ego

2. The Social Bettor
This bettor sees that all their friends are betting on the same team they'll also give it a go. No knowledge of the team just purely for fun. Win or loose its all the same

3. The Gambler
This is the ultimate addict. The love of risking it all and the love of betting will keep the gambler always betting.

4. The Strategist
They will tend to analyse stats and player profile and make sure they hedge themselves so they always make money or breakeven.

5. The Big Spender
Betting only for profit. Using strategies that will make money but not just money but big money. A cross between the strategist and the gambler.

The most common gamblers profile is 1, 2 John Kuhn Packers Jersey , 3, and 4. And unfortunately they are the ones that don't make the most wins and are not as consistent.

There are numerous ways to improving your betting skills. For example with sports betting understand how the team your betting on plays Julius Peppers Packers Jersey , who's their coach, what's their winning percentage Micah Hyde Packers Jersey , how many major tournaments have they won?

Another way to improve your betting is by searching the internet. There are numerous articles and websites dedicated to give you betting strategies and tips. However if you're a little more serious than the average better you might want to search for programs or short courses that you can buy from around $40. Some of these courses actually teach you strategies that professional sports betters use when playing the game.

It's not about always winning, its about keeping it consistant and understanding your risk and rewards. The most successful better are experienced and have most likely learned from someone with lots of experience.

In conclusion if you want to better yourself at sports betting go out there and find a suitable course you can buy and start studying and practising. You don't even have to bet with real money when you're starting of. You can what we call in the stock market industry "paper trade." Just set your bets watch the game and do this numerous times to see if you have a betting system that makes you money. Happy punting and good luck.
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For those that aren t into skateboarding or at least not at first glance it looks just like a simple piece of wood with four wheels. Actually there is a lot more to it and even more when it comes to the electric skateboards.

If you ever wondered at just how powerful a skateboard could be then all you have to do is watch some of those skateboard wizards and you will see that there is some power in these boards that the best skateboarders can bring out. The remote control skateboard although not used as aggressively has its own attributes and some very beneficial ones at that.

No matter whether you are looking at a basic skateboard or the remote controlled skateboards you are going to see that they have many structural factors in common.

The deck of course is very important and the shape of it as well. Which is in many respects a matter of preference. They all with have what is called the kick tails which is the back section. The fronts are sloped and are mostly made of wood. The EMAD electric skateboards for example are made from good quality maple which helps to give them a smooth ride.

A Basic Skateboard

On the surface of the deck you will see what appears to be a sticker. Looks is not the main purpose of this as its job is to prevent your feet from slipping as is technically known as grip tape.

The wheels have to have some way of being held on and this is known as trucks. There are a pair of them located on the underside of the skateboard. With the electric skateboards you will also find the power mechanism here as well.

Then of course there are the wheels. These are not all one and the same either as there are various diameters depending on the needs of the skateboarder. Along with the importance of the wheels is the wheel bearings themselves.

These are pretty well the ingredients of the typical skateboard. With the electric skateboards there are a few more pieces that go with them however. The major components being the battery and charger and hand held remote control.

There is no doubt that the remote controlled skateboards can be more costly than the standard skateboards. Nevertheless they are well worth the money provided you shop around at some good online stores for example. radio control is one such store that has a great selection of these remote control boards.

You want to take a look at the various types of remote controlled skateboards that are available. There are several manufacturers although EMAD has an excellent re[censored] tion for producing state of the art boards made of excellent quality and durability. You will also find the pricing quite reasonable as well. At first you may be a little apprehensive about spending money on this type of activity but there is a good price range and you are sure to find something that fits your budget.

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