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Dejavu, awakening premonitions, even a feeling you’ve been here previously can easily all be attributed to Astral Travel. Just how can that be? Astral Practitioners tell us that these feelings are not clairvoyant at all, we actually have been there prior. We have seen or encountered that location and moment, but simply in Astral Plane and Astral Realms. Astral Travel Information is all around us.

Astral Travel or Astral Projection is often evoked knowingly and purposely but most people, it’s theorized Micah Hyde Jersey , do it in our sleep without even realizing it. What happens is basically that your psychic sub-conscious, all that comprises your being without the physicality of one’s body, essentially projects into a different realm or dimension to go to any place, time or dimension that you decide on.

Ones Astral Self is termed many different things. The actual Astral figure, Astral vehicle or super-sensible body, yet whatever you

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