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Non-depository mortgage banks had so good news: the FDIC notified personnel that Colonial’s warehouse relationips would continue under BB&T David Lee The Finals Jersey , at least in the ort term. Many of Colonial’s assets were purchased by BB&T, including the warehouse fility which appears to be operating “business as usual” and funding loans. There is so nervousness, however, given the investigation into TBW and the Colonial warehouse unit, but it is rumored that BB&T has assured lenders that they will keep the business channel open – and why not? It’s a good business with lots of demand! So interesting news ca out yesterday. Barclays reported that most major credit card panies saw positive performance in July: aggregate charge-offs declined and yields increased, paynt rates were higher, and delinquencies continued to improve for the third consecutive month. Do you have a credit card? Does your child? How many? US citizens hold 1.3 billion credit cards, which ans that there are roughly 4 cards for every man, woman, and child. In China, where there are about 1.25 billion people, there are only 5 million credit cards. The ability spend Chris Mullin The Finals Jersey , and in so sense capitalism in general, makes it profitable for producers to sell what consurs want to buy, but it also makes it profitable to cause consurs to buy what producers want to sell. (Think about that one! Said another way, capitalism does not just sell people what they really want, it also sells them what they think they want.) Interestingly enough, studies indicate that Aricans who don’t own a credit card save more than those that do. For more information please visit: .californiadirectlender. Ascent Ho Loans California Direct Lender Is California real estate turning around? SunTrust thinks that it is. Not only are they going to $2 million loan amounts, but they have updated the “SunTrust Declining Markets Index” to reflect only seven (7) Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in the State of California which remain in areas that continue ow declines in property value. Those MSAs are Hanford-Corcoran, Madera-Chowchilla, Merced, Modesto, Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, Sranto-Arden-Arcade-Roseville Andrew Bogut The Finals Jersey , and Salinas. All other MSAs in the State of California have been removed from the SunTrust Mortgage Declining Markets Index, which is obviously subject to change. Today U.S. Bank Ho Mortgage’s Wholesale Division will increase their fee on the VA programs, both for fixed and ARMS programs. For loan amounts greater than $417,000 clients can expect to see to a fee increase varying beeen .5-.625 points. In addition, U.S. Bank made so changes regarding FICO & LTV adjustnts to their conventional Manuftured Housing products. All conventional Manuftured Housing products must have a FICO score greater than or equal to 640, regardless of LPDU response, and a maximum 80% LTVTLTVHTLTV. StoneWater Mortgage, “in an effort to continue to address ort term market risk”, made changes to their conventional conforming fixed loan products maximum financing, effective imdiately. Investnt property ca out refinances are no longer permitted. 2 unit primary residence purchase or rateterm is limited to 80% LTVCLTVHCLTV and 75% LTV if subordinate financing exists. 2 unit investnt property purchase limited to 75% LTVCLTVHCLTV and 70% LTV if subordinate financing exists. 2 unit primary residence ca out limited to 75% LTVCLTVHCLTV and 70% LTV if subordinate financing exists For more information please visit: .californiadirectlender. Ascent Ho Loans California Direct Lender The roller coaster of economic news continues. (I guess it would be too easy if everything pointed to one oute.) Last week rates improved, as they did again yesterday morning after Asian stocks fell significantly. Oil, gold Andre Iguodala The Finals Jersey , and other modities were down (although sugar is at a 28 year high, which doesn’t help people who make jam at ho and kids who eat Captain Crunch). How far can rates drop? I haven’t heard too many agents plain about rates in general, as mortgage rates remain near their lows but the ernnt’s borrowing needs are at historical highs. This limits the amount that rates will be able to fall so as to attrt buyers of our debt, and most analysts believe that soon the buyers of our debt will be demanding higher yields. Last week the Fed left overnight rates unchanged. So what? If anything, what the last year or o has taught us is that mortgage rates have little or no correlation with Fed Funds, so even though CNBC and the dia make a big deal out of the Fed’s decision, mortgage rates are not impted. Granted, any changes in rates can impt the Pri Rate (currently 3.25%), but that obviously is not the sa as a 30-yr mortgage rate. So how do mortgage rates change? Mortgage rates are the result of supply and demand forces, just like any other security that is bought and sold in the open market. Securities that are bked by mortgages trade in the market, just like other fixed-ine debt, and just like stocks which garner the headlines Wilt Chamberlain Warriors Jersey , with the prices in turn determining rates. In spite of so second-tier news from the “Empire State General Economic Index” that owed growth, the equities market followed Asia and had their worst day since early July. So if an investor thinks that we’re not out of the economic woods yet, where can they put their money? One answer is fixed ine securities, which rallied. The yield on the 10-year note hit 3.46%, the lowest level in almost a month. And it didn’t hurt that a) the Fed bought Treasury notes maturing in the next four to seven years, and b) the Fed officials said they will extend TALF loans against newly issued asset-bked securities and legy rcial mortgage-bked securities through March 31, 2010. Although we had so potentially market-moving data out this morning, the market hasn’t moved much since yesterday afternoon.The Producer Price Index for Jul
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