Small companies need to optimize the management floor system

in resume Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:12 am
by meishengchao • 84 Posts | 860 Points

In recent years, the flooring industry more competitive, contest floor by the competition among enterprises has before on a single product quality extends to the contest on a multi-disciplinary competitiveness. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, enterprise management model also determines its position in the industry and the overall strength in the future development to some extent. 8x8 composite decking priceTherefore, in the white-hot competition in the market, flooring company The management model also need to pay attention. Suitable management model to promote the development of flooring companies For a bit of the strength of the brands, the importance of management is self-evident. There are small and medium-floor business, there are some missing in the management level.

Due to limitations of its own development strength, a lot of small and medium enterprises development concept floor just docked in the product, the management did not pay attention. Many small and medium-floor businesses are considered strategic management level can only play a role in large companies, small companies scale their business simple, the lack of talent, not need or will not take strategic management. In fact, the nature of most small and medium-floor private enterprises or private, single ownership structure, autocratic major decisions by the owners, is very risky. Therefore,use for composite wood decking in High area we should accelerate the floor after small and medium enterprise development to a certain scale rationalization of property rights system, becomes unified into a diversified property, establish appropriate governance structure, to solve the problem of the viability of the owner of the problem, and with the introduction of talent and training to improve the ability to make strategic implementation business management from traditional to modern. Floor enterprise management system must constantly optimize operations Enterprise is a whole value creation, business size does not mean anything, but that the effectiveness of the management and operation of the system.

Currently, as many companies concerned about the stage floor to invest resources in the one-sided focus on human resources, ignoring the construction of internal management and operation system, the daily management operations and practices accumulation, will lead to bureaucratic, ineffective management of the spread, and the entire system The paralysis. To manage a business, regardless of the size of the enterprise all the work, managers in the most basic, the most common and familiar finest links of production and life. Through micro-management, the Company will be reasonably waterproof flooring strips for boatsspecific job specification, when the provisions of the how, what the work of the Quebec. In addition, the floor enterprises should establish a reasonable and scientific system of reward and punishment, the general staff of the so-called management, this too abstract and difficult to understand, use direct fine reward so they will be very clear, very aware and very concerned about.

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