Huzhou rich benefit yesterday in three new board listed

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April 23 morning, Huzhou Fudeli Wood Co., Ltd. (Securities Name "rich benefit", stock code 832053) in the National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the "new three board") bell listed as Zhejiang flooring industry The first listed companies. Reporters learned from the listing ceremony that the landing three new board Huzhou Fudeli Wood Co., Ltd. Zhejiang rich benefit its franchise Wood laminate flooring,pool deck tiles philippines wall panels and lines of subsidiaries, was established in 2010 In July, the annual capacity of 2 million square meters. Huzhou Meng Rongfu rich benefit the controlling shareholder, Hong Meiqin, total assets of 82.496 million yuan, the total share capital of 2.680 million shares, the net assets of 27,254,200 yuan, net profit of 678,500 yuan. Huzhou rich benefit listed three new board bell Huzhou rich benefit listed three new board bell On the listing ceremony, the rich benefit chairman Meng Rongfu noted Huzhou rich benefit to take advantage of market opportunities allow enterprises to become more standardized, but also will continue to improve product and service quality.

About invest in question after financing, Meng Rongfu said that it will be determined based on enterprise development, the overall goal is "to strengthen the floor bigger and stronger" does not rule out expansion of the plant and to expand the operation scale. As the host of Huzhou rich benefit brokerage business, general manager of the China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. OTC business unit Zou Dawei optimistic about the rich benefit,can you composite decking on balcony floor and gave a high evaluation. Zou Dawei pointed out, on the one hand, measured from the perspective of the national industry, Huzhou Fudeli main laminate flooring belong utilization of high, sustainable development projects, the national advocacy and support of industry category; on the other hand, the rich benefit chairman zengrongfu is an overall pattern of the boss, the future direction of the business has a very clear idea.

Similarly, senior adviser to the Chinese Forestry Industry Association, Zhang Sen linduifu benefit listed three new board also praised a plus. Zhang forest noted that China's domestic industries, especially building materials, large area, very few companies, most of the company's assets are concentrated between 100 million -10 billion, while these companies want to expand is desperately short of capital, rather than in the market "reduced" not as composite wood board Polandgood as in the sale of capital in value-added, "I hope more and more companies like the rich benefit as the new board looks, opened a new chapter to enter the capital market."

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