Intense competition in the industry is still room for improvement

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By the end of March, the annual reports of listed companies at home have been disclosed. In 2014 domestic enterprises increasingly fierce competition, the upstream industry presents under the real estate downturn trend, the majority of listed companies annual performance gains across the board, showing a 20% -40% of broad based momentum. Analysts believe that the listed company's brand in the fierce competition in the market gradually emerged advantage, and the industry is still Products and experience with a larger room for improvement. But it can not be ignored is that there are companies trying to transition out of the doldrums. Most of the company's performance by 20% -40% of broad based Reporters statistics,behr composite decking stainthe current A-share listed companies have home Markor home, Yihua Timber, Ya Technology, or Darling industry, Xilinmen, Gold Mantis, Bunny, Hollywood visitors, Jilinsengong, seagull bathroom, Haier Home , Dongyirisheng, AIA ceiling, Sofia, Oriental Yuhong, etc.

textile Carolina textile enterprises, rich Anna, Meng Jie and home textiles. Currently (as of April 7), except for a few Xilinmen yet announced annual results as well as outside Jilinsengong significant losses, other annual reports or performance forecast enterprises generally good news, the performance of 20% -40% of broad Room. Datong Securities senior investment adviser Zhang Cheng believes that although the overall broad based trend, but there are more obvious differentiation performance. Judging from the performance of the furniture industry, the company's performance is more prominent, and the United States grams home, Sofia and other furniture industry performance increase of more than 30%. Flooring company's performancewood solar reflective index differentiation significantly, Del home operating profit increased 41.23%, operating profit increased bunny 62.10 percent, the ADB Technology Operating profit rose 35.14 percent, while the rise Darling industry companies such as mediocre, appeared Jilinsengong a significant decline in performance.

In the home improvement field, Dongyirisheng earnings growth of 18%, Gold Mantis earnings growth of around 20%, AIA ceiling of 22% revenue growth; household goods context, there is no annual report published Xilinmen year is expected to grow slightly, the last seagull bathroom flat. The three textile listed companies did not publish annual reports, performance forecast are displayed in revenue of 5% -10% of a slight increase. Extend the industrial chain brand highlights 2014 cold call home industry in general, why listed companiesbest price for modern view decking boards generally rosy it? Reporter summarizes each company's annual report found that the effects of the industrial chain extension and brand highlighted in the market or for a reason. Zhang Cheng analysis, on the whole, the field of furniture company gradually change the original OEM OEM model, and gradually establish their own brands, expand personal home improvement and consumer markets.

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