Flooring industry start another wave of change

in resume Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:30 pm
by meishengchao • 84 Posts | 860 Points

China flooring industry, after nearly three decades of trials and hardships, more stable development of the industry, but then came the increasingly fierce competition. Although in recent years presented "vitality" of the situation, but the development so far, really have the scale, R & D strength, to build its own brand, the company is not much. Especially now the flooring industry homogeneity, price wars and other negative issues continue to highlight So the flooring industry trend "imminent" upgrade. Development of endless torment more than change the flooring industry never stopped As we all know, by the national macro-economic impact, the overall development of the flooring industry in 2014 is not particularly desirable.composite deck pricing in dubai In the market gradually cooling trend of the stock market, the flooring company toes in the development mode of transformation and change, such as product innovation, channel widening, changing marketing, brand building, and so on, "change" craze flooring industry only to rise.

Indeed, xiu "Strength" is important, but "change" really allow enterprises to better development? This point is not known. In the electricity business, for example, in recent years, after the electricity providers and other Internet tide of baptism, O2O model has become a cold floor enterprise in the new darling of the market, but the real age of the Internet e-commerce development next to fast point of flooring companies rarely less existence. Change is good also to be based on consumer demand change In the wind of change blowing in the floor of the market, many companies believe that only their own floor, "shake", in order to adapt the current flooring industry trends, in fact, not at all. Insiders said that the road of development the flooring industry, Composite ceiling saleconsumers should always be ranked first, because they directly affect the development prospects of flooring business. Flooring business transformation, exploring O2O, so a series of actions to widen the channel, in the final analysis is to change consumers.

Therefore, no matter what kind of trend judgment, flooring companies in the consumer demand and Internet modes require attention, which is the enterprise can change the key to success. In fact, after nearly three decades of exploration, development and change, and so far our flooring industry has made a major breakthrough in development, the development of the flooring industry in the future, as the floor increasingly competitive market, business change is inevitable line.A small number of consumers that do not understand the furniture, do not know what what the original cottage. On flooring industry, low barriers to entry, brand strength varies. Some R & D capability is not enough to rely on copying the brand big brand products design, operation mode, etc. Wood plastic composite Wallboard manufacturer in Finlandnd development, which gives the market caused some negative impact. But nearly half of consumers pay attention to the brand of originality, coupled with the market rules of survival of the fittest, strength enough to withstand small brand market reshuffle, it will gradually die out. In the near future, the market will become increasingly standardized flooring,flooring companies increasingly focus on brand originality, to the professional direction.

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