How to Install the Concrete Pump

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When installing a concrete pump, it needs to take an examination of the source of the concrete. If it is a commodity concrete, mixing transporter feeding, concrete pump can be installed locally, as long as it is convenient to take over and feed material. 1. Firstly, place concrete pump on a solid concrete surface or on stone, keeping horizontal,
ce certificate iraq concrete mixing plant and lock positioning pin and safety pin in the four legs of the pump to let tires out of the ground or remove the tires. 2. Make a chute hopper, according to the discharging mouth of the mixer and pump hopper. Through it, the material discharged from the mixer can into the pump through the chute hopper. 3. The chute usually takes angle steel as skeleton, welded with 1.5 mm thick steel plant. Chute. A support below sets up it to make it strong. 4. Normally, the hopper of pump needs to extend 20 cm, so that increase the bucket capacity to ensure that the concrete will not outflow. 5. The placement of chute needs slope moderation and appropriate angle of inclination between 25 ° and 40 °and the gap not too big. 6. Between the chute and pump hopper connection, the chute and hopper should have certain space, so that it is easy to clean hopper and sieve. 7. After installation, the whole pump needs to be checked throughout to ensure that the pump casing door switches freely and to facilitate maintenance operations.
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