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I think the staff had gone home, the company has no one called them to eat dinner, I say we can not eat dinner in the high-level, so this year we have canceled the high-level dinner. However, our team of technical innovation can eat, they have left home six months a year, they came to a reunion of the company do not eat dinner, but also justified. They pay so much for Yunfeng hard, you should eat dinner in a simple form to thank them. In 2015 we will increase the staff in the design and installation of introduction and training, mainly training, I could not have introduced an installation is mainly good training,deck overlays in Londonderry so can good service. We from employees to dealers, in this respect the year in training costs, the program will not be less than two million. Our in-house training on the one hand, on the other hand we have to go out, regional training, professional training, as well as regular training, in this regard, since we have invested, we will go in the direction of cost to be strengthened.

Sohu Focus Home Reporter: With the advent of the era of big data, we can say the impact on the domestic industry is still quite large, how do you think the electricity supplier to be fought over this behavior, Mogan and how to deal with? [GU Shuixiang]: Today the era of big data presented at the meeting, mainly alert our distributors whether large data come of age, the wolf or the fire came, what we have to stand ready. 2014,outdoor plastic pvc plywood Yunfeng Group implements plate spot trading, the Lynx opened the floor of the flagship store, so we dealers on completion of the last program, receiving, installation and follow-up services are set forth requirements. By 2015, we intend to wardrobe also go online sales, so now what we do is try to adapt to it, to cater to it. Sohu Focus Home Reporter: Then you just answer, you say that the future closet at the line. As we all know, the biggest problem is that the electricity supplier wardrobe customization, you are ready to how to solve this problem?

[GU Shuixiang]: On the surface is a customized problem, but in the closet industry in order to make a good brand, at least in standardization, information technology and industrialization. My understanding is that, according to the consumer housing structure, shape, he submitted to the time that the drawings and need to tell us, we give him the design, this is a; the other we from several angles, plus personalized to standardization to meet his silicone rubber in the philippines
To make this one, in addition to improve the network system, but also on the promotion of good cooperation between online and offline. Then we will change the role of the dealer, who in addition to direct sales, at the same time or service providers. Such a wider range of dealer sales, promote the four-tier cities, and even below the county. To open a museum, it is not sales, but let's go to the store where consumers feel the product. From the direction of the integration of home, we hope that the future of the whole house decoration, all materials, all products are able to be Mogan, which is the direction of our efforts.

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