Flooring brands need to strengthen guidance

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Currently, flooring enterprises have begun to target consumers shift to four-tier cities, but for consumers in terms of lower tier cities, is not so easy to buy a business account, the four-tier cities because consumer brand awareness is not strong , brand loyalty is low, the floor is difficult to accept for some brands on price, so the flooring business for three or four lines need to develop local conditions. Flooring companies need to tap the market three or four lines The level of economic development imbalance tier cities, consumer attitudes and consumer awareness have greater access, bio composite hullsflooring manufacturers can not take the monotony of the policy in three or four cities, to do more in the field of market research, grasp the needs of consumers What kind of products, according to local conditions, strengthen regional specialty products, and strengthen linkages with local markets, in order to enter the four-tier cities in force in the lead flooring brands.

After nearly three decades of development, China's flooring market, in a second-tier city competition has become more mature, more and more intense competition in the flooring industry. Meanwhile, with the continuous improvement of living standards and the continuous deepening of reform and opening policy, four-tier cities strong consumption potential so many flooring manufacturers have chosen to channel sink, four-tier cities to open up the market, to get new profit point, Insiders analyzed that China flooring market, second and third tier cities will become the focus of a lot of flooring brands compete. temporary patio on grassThe four-tier consumers need to strengthen the brand guide Tier cities consumer brand awareness, brand loyalty is low, probably in a second-tier cities are widely recognized brands where it may not get enough recognition, so flooring manufacturers in time to enter the four-tier cities, Never in a condescending attitude, your visit to the market. Enterprises departure from the market environment, enhance product branding, enhance service concept products, expanding its brand of propaganda, to win more customers reputation.

Tier cities are not consumer brand awareness can be achieved overnight, it takes a long time to cultivate, as a business decision-makers need to develop a long-term development plans and milestones, at every step, while the development of new markets to consolidate market share, improve the utilization of the market has occupied. Flooring brands need to focus on the promotion of cost-effective products Consumer attitudes tier cities and second-tier cities is very different, consumers choose flooring in the home improvement process, the first element is the price, plus the ability to limit consumption, resulting effect build bench out of decking boardson consumer prices is magnified here, that is cheap and useful floor easier to arouse consumer desire to purchase. Meanwhile, the four-tier cities market requires careful nurture enterprises, ensuring product quality and service is very important, so for businesses who want to promote their own three or four lines of relatively inexpensive high price the product more suitable. It is understood that with the recent pattern of domestic flooring market to stage a strong brand domestic brands rise, with product cost has a direct relationship on imports from the very beginning.

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