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I wrote this write-up about final week ago and currently publied to my weblog. By at the ti nike air max 90 heren aanbieding , I do not decide to submit this write-up to any articles directory simply because this write-up seem give bad impression to so party. However soon after I have reviewed and made alterations to this article, Ive changed my mind that I determine to submit this article. The cause I did it is to giving the real story of what is genuine ourred to so publiers. Before I go further, I would like to specify what is the which ans of SCAM is. Based to my understanding, SCAM can be referred to the financial cheat or financial fraudulent, in which they promise you to pay but at the fini you wont get the pay. So is the Google AdSense system is a SCAM? First of all I would like to explain what is the Google AdSense program. Referring to the Google inter site, “Google AdSense is a totally free nike air max 90 heren bestellen nederland , basic way for inter site publiers of all sizes to earn ca by displaying targeted Google ads on their web sites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your site users, although earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.” Supply: Note: the URL aessed on jan 21, 2011 Based on the definition by Google of what is their AdSense. It is clear stated that the program is totally free and basic way for inter site publier of all sizes to earn funds. I would like to emphasize the word “Ine” or to earn “Money” is can be categorized as a financial plan that will pay out ine. I do not want go additional on their Policies and T.O.S as I will concentrate it in my second write-up on this issue on aspect o. So go to the question. Is Google AdSense plan is a SCAM? Ahead of I answered this question, soon after read all the participants and publiers on this plan and also from different forums included Google AdSense forum. I can concluded that this Google AdSense system have so trick of SCAM sort. Beneath is my consideration of why I am saying that: 1. Many plained that when their paynt rehed threold E.G or near to the threold, Google will disable their aount. 2. Google disabled their publiers aount after VERIFIED for paynt. When aount is VERIFIED, the publiers are entitled for paynt. I am not certain why Google AdSense Report own as “Verified”. But at the end nike air max 90 dames nederland , it is so suspiciously that “disabling aount” ourred when it e prtically to the paynt period. three. If there are suspicious tivities by publiers, then why their aount is VERIFIED for paynt. The annoying point is that Google hasnt explained why this ourred after the verification procedure. So simply right now you give hope, and then tomorrow you killed the hope. four. Aount disabled without having ANY PRIOR Discover OR WARNING. The publiers need to be warned or inford if Google detected that there are any suspicious tivity on their web site(s). With no any prior discover or warning, so any person can go to your inter site(s) and clicks hundreds even thousands of ti on your ads in your web inter site in order your aount will be disabled by Google. Who understands these “malicious users”? Also people can sabotage you by clicking your advertisents thousands ti. Then you will get notification ssage from Google AdSense Team inford that your aount is disabled. It is just like that. 5. And right after the aount is disabled, most saying that the chance to get bk the aount is virtually impossible. So sadly publiers never got any paynt, in no way got the second likelihood. 6. Most circumstances nike air max 90 dames zwart roze , Google AdSense will disable the participants aount in the tiny quantity, which is around threold paynt around about USD to . Yes, it is easy to disable aount for this amount since every person understands (included Google) that it is not really worth to hire a lawyer to get bk this amount. 7. Google has term “Prior approval” approh, but do not have “Prior Warning on suspicious tivity”. So Google just punied you even though you are innocent. So anyone or malicious user can go to your inter site and clicks hundreds even thousands of ti on ads in your inter site in order your aount will be disabled by Google. Everyone can develop robots, and attk to any targeted inter site which has adsense advertisents and clicks thousands of ti in order their aount will be “DISABLED”. Even so Google has the proper as publiers agreed to their T.O.S. eight. Google says the site breaking the Google adsense policy since in the publiers do not have “Privy Policy” on their web site(s) that imposed by Google. It is so cruel to disabled the publiers aount by basically not possessing a “Privy Policy” term in their web site. If this breaking of Google AdSense policies, why the AdSense ads seem on their website(s). Why the clicks e from this web inter site also calculated and verified? This is clear a trap to punied publiers. Suitable thod is Google ought to cancelled out all the clicks e from the web site(s) that do not followed the policies and NOT to disabled their aounts. The punint is entirely har. Google is so Cruel in business and appear like just concerned to uncover mistake and disabled aount so not to pay to their publiers. 9. Google says they have excellent trking thod nike air force 1 low heren , if they really have the fantastic trking program, then they must atthed the “result of their trking” to the participants email as a proved that there are a suspicious tivity happened. Not just basically ssage notification like that below: “Soon after reviewing our records, weve determined that your AdSense aount poses a danger of producing invalid tivity. Because we have a responsibility to defend our AdWords advertisers from inflated expenses due to invalid tivity, weve found it essential to disable your AdSense aount. Your oNavy

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