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In 1797 Admiral Lord Nelson attacked the capital Santa Cruz but the islanders defeated him (he also lost an arm for his trouble!). We are sure that your visit to Tenerife will be equally memorable nike air max 90 essential uk , but considerably more enjoyable! Had Nelson had a little more success, the course of history could have been drastically altered. In fact had he won, the island might these days be full of English-speak people, sitting in your typical English pub eating steak and chips (er, come to think of it, it is). The Canary Islands were known to the ancient Greeks and other early civilisations. The original inhabitants of Tenerife were called Guanches (this name is widely misused as the name for the inhabitants of all the Canary Islands, which is convenient but not accurate). It is not known for sure where the first settlers of the Canaries originated from, or indeed when they arrived. Modern archaeological findings suggest they came across the Atlantic from north Africa around the period 200 B.C. There are some similarities between the language and place names of the north African Berbers and what has been deciphered of the ancient Canarian language (of which very few examples remain). There are, however, chronicles by early navigators which report Canarians as having been a race of tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed people, perhaps suggesting a northern European origin. And what do the Canarians themselves consider to be their ancestral heritage? The most popular theory is the unashamedly romantic notion that the Canary Islands are the highest peaks of, and indeed all that remains of nike air max 90 essential trainers , the lost continent of Atlantis, which was first written about (and perhaps invented by?) the Greek philosopher Plato. Before the arrival of the Spanish, the island was divided into nine tribal kingdoms, the names of which are still in use in modern Tenerife - Abona, Adeje, Anaga, Daute, Icod, Guimar, Tacoronte, Taoro and Tegueste. On the death of a mencey, or king, the title was passed to his eldest brother, who had to kiss the bones of the departed mencey as part of his investiture! By the time Spanish forces began their conquest of the Canaries in 1402 nike roshe run black and white mens , Tenerife had already established a reputation as an important commercial trading centre due to its inter-continental location. The Canaries were also popular hunting ground for slave-traders. The islands population in the C15th, prior to conquest, was estimated at around 30,000, with the larger proportion living in the north due its more favourable conditions for agriculture and cattle breeding. Strangely, the islanders had no knowledge of boats or ocean travel, nor had they any familiarity with metal-working (there are no natural metal resources on the island). Stone was the main tool they had to work with and in this sense the island had remained in the Stone Age. The islands fell one by one to the Spanish, the last one being Tenerife itself which was finally subdued, after heavy Spanish losses, in July 1496 by Alonso Fernandez de Lugo, who founded the town of La Laguna (The Lagoon - there was one but it has long since dried up) as his capital. La Laguna is therefore the oldest town in the Canaries and remained the capital until 1723. It was built inland, partly due to the favourable agricultural conditions and partly to be further away from the attentions of marauding pirates. Thus began a new chapter in Tenerifes history. Under the guidance of the newly installed Spanish leaders, the islands quickly adapted to and benefited from the higher civilisation they were becoming steeped in, and asserted themselves as the major commercial trading link between Europe nike roshe run black mens , Africa and the new world of America. This in turn attracted the unwelcome attentions of everyone from pirates, hoping for a piece of the new-found wealth, to whole nations such as Britain, who just wanted everything including the land itself! As mentioned at the beginning, the most famous victory of the islanders over a warring nation was the defeat of Nelson at Santa Cruz in 1797. By the early C19th Spain was experiencing political instability and in 1812 political and administrative power for the whole of the Canary islands was handed to Santa Cruz in Tenerife. This situation remained unchanged until 1927 when the Canaries were divided into two provinces, east and west. Santa Cruz remained the capital of the western province of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, while control of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura was handed to the city of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). With the strengthening of economic links between the Canaries and the American continent, there began a small scale exodus of islanders to the americas, notably Venezuela and Cuba, to seek a better living. Today many Canarians have relatives living there. Apart from the growth of tourism, a major factor in the development of C20th Tenerife was the Spanish Civil War and the rise to power of a certain General Francisco Franco. Franco had been a very high ranking soldier in the Spanish Army but the Republican government nike roshe run flyknit black , wary of Francos right-wing political leanings, posted him (in effect a kind of exile) to Tenerife in 1936. It was from there that the political coup was secretly planned and the Canaries were consequently first to fall to Francos forces and the first to suffer mass executions of writers, trade unionists, socialists, anyone whom Francos militia considered a threat. On the one hand, its true to say that Franco did bring a new prosperity to Spain and to the Canaries, but local feeling is that the regime also imposed too many restrictions on Canarian autonomy, a feeling which many still express today. Nowadays, with tourism firmly ensconced and accepted as part of everyday life, islanders treat foreigners in much the same way they treat each other. If you walk into a supermarket here its not likely youll be greeted with broad grins and forced pleasantries. You are just as likely to

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