Household wood flooring, solid wood, reinforced composite

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Lead: a thousand eyes of a thousand Hamlet, too, in different people, good and bad wood flooring is also very different. Have The family resort comfort, the selection of the floor, on the material, the surface has a higher work requirements; and some families of fashion, home of the color of the floor, wood texture more attention to the market floor ...... great variety and different functions, Faced with different family needs and family environment, what kind of flooring is more reliable? "Silly" for you, whether you need "expert" to give pointers? Follow Xiaobian into the current "floor auditorium" it! First, the type of wood floor briefly wooden panels for patio floor1. What is the solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring? Wood floor refers to the floor made of wood, according to the material, it can be divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and parquet. Wood floors are natural monomers wood, it has a textured natural, foot feeling good, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity will have the attributes of natural wood, giving a elegant, warm natural feel; Multilayer single plank wood flooring is cut into thin veneer, criss-cross manner through restructuring, and then paste veneer composition.

The aim is to change the inevitable shortcomings of single wood easily deformed, not only retains the natural properties of appearance, but also improves the stability of the product, both good-looking, and easy to use. Laminate flooring is the use of high-density fiberboard plus decorative paper, wearable paper high temperature and pressure. It color models beyond the limits of nature, rich and varied, but with wear tolerance, easy care, affordable, and other characteristics. 2. Why choose wood floor? Wood flooring material relative to other floor coverings, has the following advantages: 1, cool: As the thermal conductivity of wood is small, so it has good ground material as thermostats role, especially in the cold winter, the activities of people in the household will not feel stiff legs, unlike the tiles as step up feel cold. 2, beautiful natural: wood is natural, its rings texture tend to give a return to nature, composite fence panel fort worth texasthe feeling of getting back to basics, regardless of texture and beauty are unique, this is man-made materials can not achieve quality anyway. 3. Durability: shock resistance and corrosion resistance technology wood processing is not inferior to other building materials, many former wooden boat long-term immersion in water, up to now still sturdy, wooden floors as well.

4, environmental protection: it is taken from natural wood, the material itself is not pollution, it is not harmful to humans, and the wood is the only renewable materials from nature all the building materials inside, so that environmental protection is unmatched by other building materials . As long as the regular manufacturers of products, environmental performance is basically no need to worry. But also need to guard against some of the illegal manufacturers, use of inferior materials, paint, glue, causing the floor formaldehyde emission exceeded. 5, easy to condensation: Because wood moisture, humidity-performance than metal, stone and concrete is strong, so when the weather is wet or when the temperature drops, the surface will not form droplets like "sweating" phenomenon. composite timber supplier singaporeThus, when the wood floor made of wood, it does not because the moisture leaving the floor to be slippery to avoid slip, fall, especially the elderly and children. 6, foot feeling good: Wood and human impact resistance than other materials soft, natural, with good elasticity, people walk on either temperature, touch, foot feeling very soft and comfortable, but also helps to protect the elderly and residential security children.

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