Flooring brands stationed in the rural market in the process

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At this stage, with the development of urbanization gradually grow, the market floor should also seize this market opportunity, but due to the town market a piece of "cake" is only so big, and fought over the people and too many companies need to strengthen the floor enemy competitive urban markets to compete in this tournament to gain an advantage, it is necessary to quickly tap the potential customers, to seize the market window period. The rural market has long been neglected flooring companies taking advantage of the pitch China's urbanization rate is about 37 percent, while the rate of urbanization level of medium-developed countries and regions, coincidentally is now 85%, the urbanization rate in Western countries are about 95%,Eco Outdoor Floor US 97%, so China's urbanization rates have large room for improvement. UN Programme report released in 2030 China's urbanization level will reach 70%, the total number of urban population over 1 billion. That is, the urbanization process in China, will have 20% growth in 10, 15 years will have a 30% growth. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and to gradually increase the aesthetic decoration room, this has long been neglected in rural areas but has a huge potential market is gradually being awakened.

For this cohabitation renovation market, the rural market is like a newborn newborn, or ignorant of the brand concept is poorly understood. Under this premise backdrop for many of our flooring business, now not only can quickly seize the best window of opportunity in this market, but also faced with how to convince consumers to accept their brand, finds its own brand thorny problem. Flooring company to enter the "countryside" but the quality can not be "down." Of course, when it comes to the countryside, the price will naturally be "down" come. Flooring brands stationed in the rural market in the process, the need is to implement into practice the word, really let people see the quality of your brand lies. And proper lowered stance, to enter the low-end is a wise move.recycled plastic composite truck flooringOn the other hand, for many of the first floor brand, strong brand image technology accumulated over the years is an advantage. Flooring products only to high quality, before winning the market, establish a good brand image. As the saying goes, is easy in setting difficult, if not improve the quality of flooring products go up, not only will be difficult to expand the market, is not conducive to brand building, even these difficulties after it won a stable market, will gradually lose.

Flooring brands urgent need to think about is not how to disperse but how to integrate and co-entrance online and offline. Because, no matter how consumers online information mode change, under the consumer line and space is still living in the past. Therefore, not only to seize the entrance flooring brands online consumers place to live, office space, refined lifestyle public places, can be a mobile Internet era, large scale flow shut at offline. Third, the large data integration at each terminal and the entrance, and through data mining and management, real-time to improve the formation of strategic marketing Today, Big Data is fire, big data is not a simple concept of big data accurate advertising buy, big data system should become a marketing management and operations flooring business.second floor porch floor waterproofingConsumers can associate with a mobile terminal technology and marketing platform, are likely to form a large data entry, for the flooring business, how to consumer feedback through the formation of large data such acts and take real-time marketing become big improvement critical data applications. Floor brand communication mode today require a thorough remodeling, this remodeling, is the need for a deep understanding of advertising, consumption patterns and profound insight, combining online and offline open up mobile Internet technology, through the scene , content, entertainment flooring brands do blasting, O2O entrance through the establishment of large data integration under the line to redefine the spread.

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