Flooring company to diversify the road

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Flooring company to diversify the road

At this stage, the flooring industry has bid farewell to the era of rapid development, its growth rate is also becoming more and more slowly, and some flooring business development for the sake of higher profits and expand their industries, such as take a wide range of development, but some flooring company's own brand advantage is not obvious, and therefore need to diversify the situation. Flooring company to diversify the road need to see their own development situation It is reported that a cheap wood slabs cape townwell-known brand in 2011 to expand the cabinet doors and floor business, according to its annual report 2013 show: the greatest contribution is still the traditional business, new business just three years is still a loss. Thus, the domestic enterprises to expand the category to achieve diversification is a double-edged sword, product line extensions need to be cautious.

Large home an inevitable trend in the future, there are very few companies only a single category, some large enterprises are accelerating the integration of a large home. However, cross-border were more industry concentration is high, the more intense competition, which will inevitably be companies after the cross-border "acclimatized." Each business background is not the same, not the same stage of development, so there will not be the same as the diversification of the road. Product diversification personalized products need to strengthen its innovative nature According to industry sources, the young and trendy home market, the floor has become increasingly sought after personality, the future market will be very large.

Right now consumers to choose 80 out of focus on individual differences in the floor, the floor of the market has long been stereotyped can not meet market diversification. Due to the individual needs of consumers, it gave birth to the floor personality market. Feedback from the market situation, personality flooring yearly growth trend, particularlyconstructing 45 degree wood brace in advanced personalization floor accounted for over 10% of the furniture market. Future flooring market: increase the floor price for the consumer a variety of different styles, covering all price levels, to form their own brand of specialty products, will become the focus of flooring companies starting point, become the development benevolent.

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