The emergence of new development opportunities flooring industry

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In recent years, the brand will bargain brand factory alliance will buy quite popular in flooring and other home furnishing industry. According to incomplete statistics, only in Guangzhou in November last year to May this year, there are more than 50 floors and other building materials brand organization owners to buy the Pearl River Delta factory plant sites,outdoor floor ideas cheap a number of consumers being renovated in order to grab an affordable price furniture and building materials, for three consecutive weekends to attend three factories will buy the brand, can be exhausted. Unlike Union brand product brands, consumers will not buy wood floor look like Shun, buy Wrigley bathroom look, they lack dependence and loyalty to the Union brand, which does not look for a coalition of consumer brand exclusively.

On the other hand, in addition to co-promotion alliance, the major brand factory floor also have thousands of factories bargain respective organizations will, people will buy factories to drive sales and other forms of organized visit to the factory owner, visit the factory to enjoy the factory price by the introduction of several ultra-low price of a single product to drive sales of other products.From June 2013 to May 2014, one year several major league held in Guangzhou, president of the insured will, Factory Outlet will, buy bargain will be as many as 16 games, and are in the form of high-end hotels as the venue to distribute membership cards to solicit means to bargain as a form of marketing executives, on the one hand make it difficult for consumers to select, on the one hand but also undermine the effectiveness of this form. Whether at home or buy Alliance website, consumers are not too dependent. Because long-term conventional single form of promotion but also to many consumers a bit tired, but also allow enterprises laborious but difficult eligible desired effect.

Single promotional pulling power weakened flourishing affiliate marketing Building Material learned nine positive momentum heyday of the Union, but the Alliance also exposed one by one. Events homogenization is the crux of the current maximum of many alliances. Flooring and other home sales mode homogeneity Since last year, flooring and other building materials, retail sales still far from satisfactory, hardwood and wood composite deckmarine grade composite decking prices[/url]with the Champions League, the first league, a home and other home-based cross-industry alliance mode will be interpreted bargain fast, major league in May, eleven peers will hold bargain, autograph session, promotion of the General Assembly, to a certain extent, boost sales and maintain market share.

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