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To give you a little insight into goose hunting here in Colorado it would be a good starting place to first go over some of the basic information about the Branta Canadensis nike shox r4 bianche , more familiarly known as the Canada goose. Some believe these geese to be the most common and most recognized waterfowl species in all of North America.

The male Canadian goose, also known as a gander, is visually identical to the female but is generally larger in size and the larger of the geese can be referred to as honkers and the smaller ones as cacklers. They have long black necks, a white patch that goes from their cheeks to under the chin, black heads, bills and feet, brown, gray and black mixed bodies, white, gray and brown mixed bellies, white feathers under their tails, large wings and can weigh anywhere from six to twenty pounds. We sure knocked down some of the larger ones nike shox nz 42 , with heads that will make your fist look small, this year in Colorado while goose hunting.

As you have seen Canadian geese are always found near water sources like reservoirs, lakes, ponds, gravel pits, rivers and marshes. Not to forget all the man made habitats we also provide to them like golf courses, city parks, airports and possibly your back yard as well. Geese are herbivores, usually spending up to twelve hours a day feeding, especially before their migrations. You have probably noticed that every time you see a goose or geese they are always picking at something using their lamellae, the teeth around the outside of the bill, as a cutting tool to rip up your nicely manicured bluegrass lawn. They love the grasses but will also indulge on most all of the agriculture that Colorado has to offer them and some have said sometimes as much as a half of a pound a day. The goose has also been known to eat small fish and crustaceans on top of all the corn nike shox monster , wheat, rice, aquatic plants, grains, berries and beans they can get down those long necks with all the bread and crackers they find, from friendly hands, at the local parks.

The nesting areas will have good visibility to impending dangers most of the time being next to open water and the geese will return to the same nesting area every year. Geese will have lifelong mates being monogamous but if one mate dies they can find another and sometimes they will remain single. Spring time is when mating begins and for the most part a goose will not mate before they are 2 years old. Females get choice of nesting location and will build the nest with grasses, leafs and vegetation that is surrounding and the male will defend the nest, eggs and territory. The eggs will be incubated by the female who will use her feather down on her chest to insulate and line the nest. There is an average of about 5 to 7 eggs in every nest and together they are called a clutch. It takes about a month to fully incubate the clutch, each egg takes around a day to be laid and the incubation will not be started until the complete clutch is laid.

A goose’s babies are called goslings and it takes them 1 to 2 days to break themselves free of the egg with an egg tooth located on top of their bills. The clutch or all eggs will hatch in about 1 day and all goslings will go into the water within 24 hours of hatching. When mating and nesting is complete, adult geese will go into a molting phase each year where they shed their outer wing feathers. In this phase adult geese will remain flightless and the water will provide a necessary means for escaping danger. When the goslings are ready to fly at 9 weeks of age the adults will have grown their outer wing feathers back.

Geese can be very protective and even aggressive when they are nesting, if you haven’t seen this aggressive behavior watch the funny videos where people are getting attacked when they come to close to a nest. They may not be the happiest when they are hissing and using their wings as flapping weapons of mass feathering. Body language is a big part of goose communication and is obvious when watching them anywhere from the parks to the water where they chase nike roshe run con fiori , push and beat each other up. These birds will also communicate with various sounds and can produce around 13 different calls ranging from warning and contentment calls to noisy alarm and greeting calls to the quick clucks and murmurs that resemble a feeding frenzy. Of course we as humans are quite the loud mouths but geese will come in close competition for being talkative as well as family orientated and gregarious.

We have all seen the massive diagonal lines and v formations geese tend to fly in and the logical reasoning behind such unity would have to be aerodynamics hard at work. Geese are most likely flying like this in their long migration paths to help reduce the drag off one another so that those long trips are possible using the least amount of energy. The migration is a learned process and can average two to three thousand miles in flight range. During migration geese can be found throughout all the states, Canada and Mexico, at one time or another. They will spend the summers in the northern parts of North American, especially in Canada and will migrate south in the winter months. There are at least twelve subspecies Canadian geese, of which seven have been recognized to some extent, and they can also be found naturally in Northern Europe, Eastern Siberia, Eastern China and also in Japan. They have been introduced in many other countries as well throughout history.

In Colorado you will find quite a few of these Canadian geese that are considered resident geese, that stay here year round, including bunches that migrate though the state and with all those numbers comes a lot of hunting opportunities. Information on these Canadian gees found here is basically just a start to all the education there is to learn about these birds and if you’re are interested in hunting them it is good to get educated about them beFor man

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