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One of the steps for getting out of debt is to reduce your expenditure nike roshe run suede uk , here we are going to look at the ways in which you can save money on your car bills. You may find it an interesting and surprising exercise if you add up all of your car bills over the last year. Make sure you include the cost of your car loan, tax, MOT, insurance, servicing, petrol and depreciation of the cars value and you may realise just how much a car really costs. Let s begin by looking at ways you can reduce the current costs on your car: Petrol Prices As you may have noticed petrol prices vary from petrol station to petrol station nike roshe run cheap online , and a really good service for finding the best price in your area is available at petrolprices. Here you can enter your postcode and search for the cheapest petrol price within a certain distance. To get the most benefit from this you need to plan in advance your journeys and then when passing the cheapest garage, fill up with petrol. Otherwise you may find that making a special trip to a petrol station does not save you any money because of the extra miles you have had to travel. Driving Economically What is your current driving style? Do you race away from the lights as fast as you can and then slam on the brakes at the next set of lights? This can cost you a lot of money. Try driving more economically, try to set off at a steady pace and change gear at low revs, for instance in a petrol car change at 2500rpm and in a diesel car change at 2000rpm. Leave more space between you and the car in front, this gives you more time to anticipate what is happening and instead of having to slam on your brakes, you can just ease off the accelerator. This style of driving will save you petrol nike roshe run uk sale , as well as wear and tear on your tyres and brakes. If you have an on board computer in your car it can be useful to view the current miles per gallon (mpg) that you are achieving, by keeping an eye on the average mpg it will help to change your driving style and find the best method for getting the highest mpg as possible from your car. Tyre Pressure and Excess Baggage Make sure your tyres are fully inflated to the correct pressures, slightly flat tires lower your mpg and mean you will use more petrol. Also make sure you are not carrying around any excess weight in your boot, extra weight in the car also means a reduced average mpg. Insurance The next time your insurance is due for renewal on your car, do not accept the initial renewal price that your current insurance company gives. Once your current insurance company sends you a letter for a renewal, compare their price with other insurance companies online. You can use services such as GoCompare and MoneySupermarket to quickly compare quotes from 1000s of companies. Once you get an online quote nike roshe run uk , phone your current insurance company and ask them to improve on the quotes that you have just received online, your current insurance company will wish to keep your business and will usually match the price or better it. If possible, pay for your insurance policy in one lump sum rather than opting for the usually more expensive monthly payment plan. It is also worth thinking about ways of reducing your insurance premium and you can also ask your current insurance company of how you could reduce your current insurance costs. Typical ways to reduce your insurance premium are to store your car in a garage, have an approved alarm and tracker fitted, limit the number of miles that you will drive each year, take an advanced driving test adidas originals uk online , and in some cases you may find that if you have 0 years no claim bonus adding a second named experienced driver can also reduce your insurance premium. It is worth talking to your current insurance company for any tips that they may be able to provide. Road Tax The amount you pay in road tax is now based on the CO2 emissions of your car and the type of fuel used, so if you drive a gas guzzler you may find that you are paying a high price for your road tax. Driving a more economical car could save you over ?00 a year. To find out the road tax rates for various cars you can use this service at parkers.cocarsroad tax Servicing costs It s important to get your car regularly serviced at the required intervals. This will help your car to run as efficiently as possible and also reduce the likelihood of damage to your engine and expensive service costs. Service costs can vary from garage to garage and this is where you need to shop around. You ll find that a branded garage is more expensive than your backstreet garage, but even the same branded garages will compete against each other, it s worth phoning several garages for a quote and stating the prices that other garages have quoted, you should find that they will match or better the quote. Your Car the Right Car? The type of car you drive can have a massive effect on the bills you receive for your car. For instance do you really need to be driving around in a BMW M3 or could you get by in a Toyota Prius or Vauxhall Corsa? If you are trying to clear your debts, this is an important question. For example: BMW M3 Insurance group = 20 CO2 Emissions = 295 gkm Road Tax Band M = ?35 for 12 months Fuel Consumption = 22 miles per gallon Toyota Prius Insurance group = 7 CO2 Emissions = 89 gkm Road Tax Band A = ? for 12 months Fuel Consumption = 72 miles per gallon When you compare the running costs between these two cars the differences are massive adidas originals uk cheap , so it is also worth considering changing your car for a more economical and money friendly car. However, if you already have lots of debts, make sure you do not take any further loans out to change your car, this really needs to be a trade down to a different car rather than a trade up to a more expensive car. You need to add up all of the figures for running your car and make sure that changing your car really does save you money. Sell

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