Flooring industry holiday sales

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2014 Dragon Boat Festival and the Children's Day and again, whether it is business or other household flooring companies are ready for a new round of promotional activities, face long past promotions, flooring companies need to strengthen the promotion of innovation, Beware of holiday promotional activities evolved into normalization of development, not only for consumers numb, but also allow enterprises difficult to consume. Flooring industry holiday sales to become the norm Furniture, building materials, flooring and other durable goods, consumers like to go to the store for a walk, see, and then the next can you add rail to an existing bow rail
single after careful comparison. Therefore, most weekends, holidays, household consumption will focus on the release. The past two years, under the "do not promote not sell" environment, marketing activities become a business essential item every holiday, not only to attract consumers into the store, the implementation of the means of preferential policies, has become prompt consumers not to "forget" own methods.

million Yin Yu, general manager of the new home Square, said: "traffic that is 'popular', is a measure of the level of development of home circulation enterprises index, engage in activities every holiday has become the industry consensus, everyone together in the promotion of ambience, shopping malls, businesses have want to make a number of activities in the consumer season, make their voices heard. different consumer demand, the current industry there have been a variety of marketing methods. floor furniture, building materials and other non-FMCG, general consumer awareness of brands on the market could not many businesses also hopes to stimulate consumer marketing sense, attracted by its consumer into the store.

" With the real estate industry market trading weak, the home market of "light" to the merchants were more reasons to holiday marketing. Beijing home industry Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Liu Chen believes that the Dragon Boat Festival season is not in the traditional sense, it may not be marketing inflection point, but this does not impede businesses and consumers, "the marketing passion." In the promotion of normalization of the market, "do not promote" it becomes abnormal phenomenon,composite core vinyl flooringbusinesses willing to seize every opportunity to refresh the minds of consumers' sense of presence. " Flooring business holiday promotions Beware "false promotion" Flooring and other home business marketing tool similar to other distribution industry, depending on brand positioning, their actual situation and consumer demand to determine the marketing program.

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