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March 31 --4 3, 2014 China International Furniture Fair Hotel in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. As hotel supplies industry event, four-day event gathered exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Sohu Focus Home Watch the scene reported that group, full Showcase the latest products and dynamic hotel furniture industry. Exhibition site, the focus of home Sohu Sohu focus of home interviews with director Chen Shanwang general manager Slumberland. [Sohu focus home: Nice to meet Chen at the hotel Furniture. First of President Chen Slumberland us about this brand it. [Chen Shanwang]: We are founded in 1919, British brand, Slumberland The name itself is meant sleeping comfort, for nearly 100 years of history. This brand is the royal brandModern Composite Ooutdoor Garden Furniture won two British royal emblem emperor authorization, the first of King George VI, the second is now Queen Elizabeth, who authorized us to imperial emblem can be used. So, Slumberland brand is very high-end. We entered China in the 1980s, now has three decades of history, starting from Harbin and Shanghai markets, the two plants are more than twenty years.

The past two decades, we start from the civilian channels, to open the store in the country, currently has more than 300 stores up. [Sohu focus home: I know a few brands which our branch is the greatest. [Chen Shanwang]: Yes, we are a truly international brand. Slumberland started walking on two legs, civil, open stores; at the same time, we share in the five-star hotel of very high house under the Starwood Westin, Sheraton intercontinental these brands under the IHG, Crowne Plaza, etc., with Slumberland. Our more than 300 stores located in various cities, with Shanghai as an example, Meikailong six stores in Shanghai, all of our stores. In addition, we actually have 40 stores in Shanghai, the visibility is very high. We want to bring good products and high-quality sleep products into second-tier and third-tier cities in the country to go, so that the development of two very fast, the next three to five years, we should vigorously to develop. In the international brand which we are currently the largest. We are now the number of stores is growing exponentially. Last week, the first time we took part in the Guangzhou Furniture Fair, the effect is very good, there are many new partners to join, and soon we will become 500 from 300.

[Sohu focus home: Our store is using Direct or join to do? [Chen Shanwang]: the two are, in the field of the city, in addition to Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin, Nanjing city are joined. At present, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Xiamen, Shenyang, Dalian, these are all franchisees to the area concerned,Cheap Plastic Veranda Wood Composite Fencingwe Direct in a city or a factory where others are joining. [Sohu focus home: We span from 300 to 500 scale, many have penetrated into second and third tier cities and even to go,is not it great strength of the channel sink? [Chen Shanwang]: second-line and third-line number is not too much, you see, Shanghai has 40, and there are 10 in Nanjing, Wuhan, there are 10 stores, a city may have a lot of home, do not add up to more than cover the city ʱ??

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