you can lineup in the classic dungeons randomly

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In patch 6.2 is going to be on the test server in America, we are going to together to spotlight and discuss with you around the upcoming wow gold new content. fmbchcoin

In patch 6.2, we will join several activities play over the past weekend, activity time from Friday noon to next Monday at noon. Among them, there are two remain in time travel class activities.

With time travel activities, you can lineup in the classic dungeons randomly selected: whenever you do time travel, your character and equipment strength shrink to repeat the adaptation level. After years of silence, the underground city finally to rise again.

Difficult challenge nature should have generous returns, although your character will shrink to the underground city, but we combed time travel underground all fell, and remains the rise.

Time travel is full play, just a level 100 character can participate in after patch 6.2 and is particularly available only from the three-day weekend time. With time travel, your strength is going to be to how much the heroic dungeons, nevertheless , you is able to keep the many skills and talent.

Additionally, we will also test the additional reward, for instance a toughened fate for any weekend marks the task, so please absorb the experience inside the calendar.

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