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This report is written for anyone interested in selling their property quickly. Selling property can be one of the hardest and most stressful things you can do in your life. 90% of people sell through an estate agent so it must offer some advantages. So Authentic Robert Griffin III Jersey , should you do the same Well, it depends on time pressure you are under. When selling through an estate agent you will normally have to go through these stages: 1. You need to pay for and plete any renovation and refurbishment necessary (2-3 weeks) 2. You will need to conduct multiple viewings (4 to 8 weeks) 3. If your estate agent finds you a buyer, you will need to wait a few months for the buyer to arrange a mortgage (8 to 14 weeks) 4. If the buyer is in a chain Authentic Pierre Garcon Jersey , you will need to wait for their home to sell before yours can be purchase (2-3 weeks) This can take between 4 to 7.5 months! That is a long time! It is a also a sad fact that 1 in 3 chains break down at the last moment due to buyers pulling out. It only takes one person to pull out and the whole chain falls apart. How to sell in less than 4 months However, even with these obstacles in mind it is still possible to sell your home in less than 4 months by these following tips (and having luck on your side): 1. Get a reliable, reputable agent. 2. Finish off any necessary DIY jobs 3. Thoroughly clean and de-clutter you home 4. Depersonalise your house and go neutral It is worth remembering Authentic Trent Williams Jersey , "buyers are not looking to buy property. What they're really looking to buy is a better life - property just happens to be the way they'll get it" The problems with Estate Agents In response to many plaints about estate agents the Office of Fair trading conducted a study and found serious concerns over the way estate agents serve the public.The consumer group Which has also conducted research and found evidence of serious violations of the law and a massive 50% of consumers voicing dissatisfaction over the service received from their estate agent. They said: "Consumers entering the home-buying or selling process are substantially disadvantaged by the way estate agents currently operate" Now, in fairness there are some great estate agents out there but they seem to be hard to find. Will you be lucky enough to uncover a good agent Are you prepared to pay 1.5 - 2.5% +VAT (i.e. the price of a new kitchen) to find out So what it the alternative One of the more popular alternatives if you need a quick sale is using a specialist home buying pany to help you. They can purchase your property directly from you with out the need to go through an estate agent. Selling Fast to Cash Buyers & "Sell and Rent Back" Specialists First things first, it is important that you understand that using a specialist property buying pany should only be considered if your need for a quick sale is greater than your need to sell for the best price. Typically you find yourself in need of house buying specialist if: 1. You are in financial difficulties 2. You are being threatened with repossession 3. You would like to sell your property & rent it back 4. Your chain has collapsed and you're totally desperate to sell 5. You need money quickly and remortgaging is not an option 6. Bereavement or divorce means you need to move-on as quickly as possible 7. You've inherited property that you want to cash-in quickly 8. You're emigrating and your property is proving difficult to sell How Quickly Can Quick Cash Buyers Act Exchange of contracts can take anywhere between a few days and 3- 4 weeks. Completion can then be fixed to suit you but the norm is pletion within 3-4 weeks. How Much Can You Expect to Sell for Anywhere between 75-85% of your properties open market value (80% is the average). Open market value is the price a property would sell on the open market within 3 months. This is typically less than the price estate agents advertise properties at as they expect to make offers. So Sean Taylor Jersey , the main service home buyer service can offer you is speed and a guaranteed sale. Certainty and speed are rare modities when selling property. For this service you have to be willing to sell at a discount. That is why they will buy your property between 75%-85% if its market value. What other benefits can these panies provide A good pany will offer to: 1. Pay your legal fees (up to GBP 500 which normally covers them all) 2. Pay any survey and valuation fees 3. Allow you to stay in the property after selling (rent back) 4. Meet their promises on price and pletion date 5. Adhere to some Code of Practice from a recognized body such as the National Association of Sale and Rent Back (NASRB). A Word of Warning! Beware of any pany that does not offer the benefits above. Some panies charge for valuation fees regardless whether they buy the property or not. Also beware of panies that string you along and then reduce their offer at the last minute when you are at your most desperate. Author's Resource Box Carl Robinson is an experienced property consultant and investor. If you want a quick home sale visit Quick Home Buyers for a no obligation offer on your property and a free prehensive report on how to sell quickly.Article Source: We all understand what is necessary to enhance our health and stay fit. There are those who seek the instant fix thinking they do not need to take a serious approh. Hiding from these simple steps is just a waste of time; just begin to take on your life with a healthy outlook. When you embark on some of these healthy alternatives, you will see encouraging results very soon. Your attitude will be much brighter and you will not imagine your physical well being such a large issue. With our suggestions, you ould be able to put your progress into tion. Drink Tons of Water: Your body responds to water straight away; so be sure to drink tons of it. The bulk of the population Colt McCoy Jersey , do not stay as hydrated as they ould. A well-hydrated body is

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