NBA courtside reporter famous successful surgery

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According to NBA 2K16 MT Coins NBA China official website news, TNT famous sideline reporter Craig - SEG wishing he could return to the track in the new season finished this summer after receiving chemotherapy.
SEG was first teacher was diagnosed suffering from leukemia in April 2014, in May this year he was admitted because of cancer recurrence in Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Rehabilitation Centre.
Fortunately, in this July 17, 64-year-old teacher SEG successfully underwent a bone marrow transplant, the disease is expected to stabilize and recover. Since the invasion, SEG teacher's hair disease have all been finished off, also dropped 22. 7 kg body weight.
With more and more good news, SEG teacher not only hope I can report back to the regular season when the October jobs opening of the new season, I hope he can have been extended to 16 years, the health of the Rio Olympics live coverage.
Earlier due to cancer recurrence, SEG teacher missed the playoffs for 14 years, partly 14-15 regular season, 15-year and 15-year NCAA tournament playoffs, which made him very sorry.
To know the people known as "America's courtside reporter" SEG teacher from 1972 to participate in sports coverage, he, for the sports coverage and health. cnjose70

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