Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy industry

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Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy industry, building materials industry, road construction industry, chemical industry in the silicate industry, suitable for crushing medium-and moderate hardness of various minerals and stones. The crusher has a crushing force, high efficiency, high capacity, low operating costs, easy adjustment and economic characteristics. As part selection in structural design is reasonable, so long life, broken product with uniform size, reducing the hydraulic pressure cavity clearing system, reducing downtime, and the specifications of the breakers to buy multi chamber, depending on the needs of the user a , choose a different cavity, in order to better meet user needs. Cone Crusher sealed with grease seal to prevent the water supply and drainage system easy to plug the shortcomings and deficiencies in water and oil mix easily. Spring type overload protection device insurance system will enable foreign body, used iron crushing chamber without damage to crusher. The machine is divided into standard and short head type, in general, standard feeding a large size, marker size is also coarse, short head cone crusher type steep, to the small particle size, is conducive to the production fine-grained level of the stone. Therefore, the general standard for crude and broken, the short head type is used in small and fragmented.
Cone crusher, the motor through the horizontal axis and a pair of bevel gear driven eccentric sleeve rotation, the axis line of cone crushing the movement in the eccentric sleeve rotation under the pendulum movement to do, so sometimes broken wall near the surface of mortar they sometimes leave the rolling wall surface, so that ore in the crusher cavity constantly being squeezed and bent were broken.
Above four kinds of broken stone crusher is the most common type of stone crusher, the crusher effect of its high efficiency and good cost performance to win the customer a good evaluation.

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